Roman Artifacts VI

Roman Artifacts VI

Roman Artifacts VI is the next installment of NextLevel's Roman series product line.

Perhaps even more than their fighting reputation, the legions of Roman antiquity were famous for their prowess and dominance in siege warfare.

When laying siege to cities with walls, the Romans employed the battering ram. Negotiations were permitted between the besieged and besieger up until the ram's head slammed into the city gate for the first time. After the ram's head met the wall, the Romans rarely let up, and the besieged had to resign themselves that their lives would end in slaughter, or slavery.

The Romans were notable for their dogged commitment to a siege once it started - most sieges lasted months, or even years. Roman generals were quite savvy in not only siege tactics, but also siege logistics. In many of their sieges, Roman generals had to prepare for two things: attacking the enemy, and defending the siege itself. A siege was doomed the moment that a sufficient enemy relief force could break the siege, provide food or supplies for the city, or make a lengthy siege untenable for the attacker.

The Romans were quite capable when it came to "defending a siege." Such brutal tactics included brutally subjugating the region surrounding the besieged town. In one recorded instance by Roman historians in Spain, when news came to the Roman general that a nearby town was potentially going to send men to contribute to a relief force to fight the Romans, the general sent a small contingent of soldiers to cut the hands off of every man and boy in the town. Such instances of brutality were effective in both a practical way, and had a tremendous demoralizing effect on the countryside surrounding the siege.

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