3D Scenery: Autumn Road

3D Scenery: Autumn Road

Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with the Autumn Road!

Autumn Road is the successor to Autumn Path, this time a massive set with almost 40 pieces. It comes with highly detailed, unique models that can be used to create very realistic autumn nature scenes. The center piece is a long, photorealistic leafy road where every pixel is unique, no tiling textures are used! Instead it has 6 UV sets, each 4K in order to give you the most crisp, authentic and at the same time the kind of detail where every spot looks unique and fresh.

A special terrain mesh is included for a foundation that is shaped after the road. This can be used as a starting point to build the full scene.

Everything come with high resolution textures, 4K or 2K depending on the size of the item.

This scene is combined with a growing library of plants, of which selected items are included from in this scene. In this set, bent and crooked autumn birch trees are included, sparsely leafed, to reflect a more late autumn scenario where most of the leaves are scattered on the ground. A full set of fir trees are included as well. Many building blocks are included, in form of ridges/road side ground pieces with trees, grass, shrubs and more. They are made for easy deployment along the roadside. A few other library items are included as well, such as small stumps and general rock props.

The ridges have actual leaves sprinkled on them, with a variety level of 32 different leaf textures, to ensure a unique and completly natural look. They can give your scene a whole new level of detail.

Due to the complexity and variety of computers people have available, this scene could become very detailed, so a full preload scene is not included. Instead, a foundation scene with the road and terrain mesh is included. To speed up the creation of shrubs etc, several large presets, little "ridges" and clusters with trees, shrubs and rocks are included, so that you can easily build up the bulk of the scene with a few mouse clicks. Just load them and place them where you want in the scene, around the road. Then you can continue by adding specific details with the rocks, induvidual trees, stumps etc!

The vast majority of the items in this scene are new, a few elements are shared with the plant library such as birch textures, fir tree props, and basic rocks. However, in this case they are arranged completely uniquely in the ridge props.

Of course, all these items can easily be used in any other scene, as all these trees, rocks, shrubs and preset hills can be loaded and used independently. Many of the props come with morps that enable to you "push down" the edges into the ground. This is due to their photo based nature, they are not always entirely even (nature almost never is!) Some of the ridges, especially 02 have a tall back. It's made to mainly show the front, so if you are viewing it from the other side you may want to fill it in with some rocks.

The following is included:
1 Foundation scene
3 Forest cluster presets
8 Ridge clusters (trees, rocks, hills and shrubs)
1 Big road prop
3 Autumn rock props

From plant and forest library:
2 Forest Props Base rocks
2 Forest stump props
4 Bared forest ridge props with leaves
15 Crooked birch trees, sparse leaves
3 Croocked birch bush props, sparse leaves

The scene is made for Poser, but loads fine in Daz Studio! A few tweaks may be needed, such as scaling the tiling terrain texture and applying Iray shaders. (Uber shader works fine, but you may need to set the displacements manually) (Or other material settings) Everything else works as they should, including the morphs. More info included in the readme.

Software: Poser 6+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio