AirFighter Destrier

AirFighter Destrier

Superb Performance of Hoverbike Destrier soon ignited demand for complex military upgrade capable of full scale aerial combat and air to ground support and attack.
The result was surprisingly successful model, equipped with a pair of jet engines, armored cab and a sufficient supply of weapons systems. The starting point for such adjustment was fully closed pressurized cockpit, allowing the machine to fly faster and achieve greater heights. The military version was also equipped with a number sensors and avionic devices, as well as effective electronic countermeasures. The main armament consisted five-barreled 12 mm rotary cannon with a supply of up to 1,000 rounds of caseless ammunition. Fighter could carry up to six air-to-air missiles and two air-to-surface missiles. Its main advantage was continued versatility and wide range of operating speeds from zero to 0.87 M. This following its small size allow machine to operate in tight spaces such as canyons, forests or urban areas, as well as in large interiors such as mines, bases, hangars and the like. Proved particularly as a support and escort aircraft. Due to its versatility and small size soon earned the nickname Pocket Fighter.

Included are:
1 Poser ERC Figure
(many various ERC dials for alternating look of the model)
Light glare props
Missiles Props
4 texture variants
1 Pilot pose for M4 and V4

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