Ancient Persians - City Center Group

Ancient Persians - City Center Group

Here is another small group of models from the larger Istahr, Ancient Persian City Kitbash Collection.

This is a set of sixteen (16) human figures dressed in the clothing of the Archaemenid Period. The figures are intended to help populate areas of the City Center when you wish to design a busy city scene.

Although shown here in close-up, the figures are middle-resolution only and are intended to help fill in the middle-ground and background of your scenes. These have lower polygon counts than the Poser or Daz characters, so you can use more figures to convey a sense of bustle and action, and to provide the proper sense of scale for the buildings. Place your own characters in the foreground, or among these in the middle ground. Arrange them as you wish, and alter their clothing materials to best suit your scene.

These are all static figures of men, scaled to approximate the size of the Poser LaHomme Figure. Some are walking, or standing in small groups conversing with each other. Some of the Zoroastrian priests are climbing stairs, perhaps of the Fire Temple or the main Government Building. Some of the men are high in social status and dressed in rich garments. Others are working men, dressed in more servicable clothing. Hafez is the man with a paddle in his hand, ready to sit in the skiff or other boats in the "River Group" of objects.

The clothing of these figures is as historically accurate as could be determined from the technical descriptions of historians, and from views of paintings and wall carvings made during the Archaemenidian Empire. The Readme file desribes the articles of clothing worn by the Zoroastrian priests, people doing manual labor and men of high social status. Men and women wore very similar clothing in this time period.

To distinguish each of the figures, each figure has been given an old Persian name. For example;

"Abbas" is a male figure that is drinking at a fountain with a bronze cup in his hand, and his head is thrown back. He is wearing a dark blue kandu (outer cloak) and simple sarband (cloth head covering), and white cotton quisma (shirt) and salvar (full, flowing pants). The name "Abbas" means someone who is brave as a lion and sober by nature.

"Arash" is a high ranked nobleman wearing a tall conical hat, and long flowing red silk kandu. He is in conversation with his arms in the air. The name "Arash" means "bright arrow." Arash was a legendary archer in old Persian mythology.

"Hafez" is the man paddling the skiff. He is dressed in a simple cotton salvar and aba (sleeveless shirt), but has a thick dark blue wool kamerband around the aba. "Hafez" is often referred to as someone who is the protector and bravest among all.

The Zoroastrian priests are dressed similarly in religious garb, but the other ten figures have clothing significantly varied in materials and textures. This was done to provide you with a good basic set of alternative materials to use in dressing the figures. You can vary the materials used on any of the figures however you wish.

Vue 7, Cinema 4D, iClone, LightWave

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