AtoZ Sampan Add-Ons II v1

AtoZ Sampan Add-Ons II v1

AtoZ Sampan Add-Ons II v1 (with AtoZ Magic!)

Not everybody gets Chinesse Take Out from how many floors up? OK, if you haven't figured out who does/did your will be found by watching the movie "The Fifth Element" by Luc Beson. In one scene, Korben Dallas is served from a flying Sampan by Mr. Kim hovering just outside his window. I loved that scene, so ... just as I created AtoZ's Sampan Add-Ons I, here is a second version that allows you amazing and new Magical freedoms.

You say you have the first Add-On and that stove as a static prop wasn't as useful as it could have been. What if it had been a fully articulated figure? I hear you! OK, Presto Chango! In this Sampan Add-On release it is an articulated figure! Which can Magically... OK there's an ERC in the body that allows your to zip-zip change the stove from the Sampan format to a tankless black pipeless Commerial (gourmet?) version (read more below). When I told you this second version was articulated, I wasn't kidding. On this v2 stove(s) You can "adjust" the burners, raise and lower either of it's two grills. Or move and empty the Slop Bucket of its grease and scrapped off cooking junk. And, you can not only move the cooking gas line (be sure to shut off the valve), Adjust the needle on the regulator but you can also move/remove the tank!

Did I say Sampan or Commercial Stove above? This is the very special feature of this Add-On Set II ... Included is a complete set of galvanized vent piping (remove/resize/hide the original pipe and cap). How would you use this? You can fit one or more of these stoves in an elongated fashion for your commercial kitchen! This set includes a !Pre-load tripple stove set up with a full set of vents! Check out the list of pieces below (two are articulated Figures an end cap you can swing open for pipe cleaning and an adjustable Hanger you can adjust to attach it to ceilings or beams) or see the Promo Pics for the range of piping included!

This offering allows you to add to your cooking utencles. You get long and short cooking forks, long and short spatulas, a set of Tongs and even a Wok! Time to serve or prep for carryout? There's the Tea Cup, Tea Cup Tray (loaded or empty), Rice Bowl (and a a stack) and even Carry Out Packages (and a stack).

Whoops! I forgot to mention the Magnetic Clip and even an Order Form to clip to it. Maybe you'll attach it magnetically to the stove? Oh yes! And there's also a small useful Dark Metal Hook that you can use to hang items like forks or pans on the sides of the stove or elsewhere.

I did mention magic, didn't I? In this second set of Add-Ons you'll find the Magic in the one Port side and one Starboard side Advertising Sign. These load right into a default loaded DAZ Sampan (not included - and don't forget to zScale the Sampan to 50%). These signs are MAGIC figures that each have five different Ad "faces" (note: the back face of each stays the same). In each of these two figures you'll find the Magical show and hide and flip ERC Dials to use the different signs ... check them out!

Last but not least is a little "fun" string of Flexi Party light you can ERC drape over your Sampan to make it special! (Thanks PhilC)

So whether your renders call for a stove or a few pushed together, or any of all the other "stuff" included ... I really hope you like this addition to the AtoZ Sampan Add-On products. BTW: Set #1 has the lifting, thrusting and steering jet engines along with side rail (gunwale) Bumpers, its stove and cooking pots plus Mast Lights and more (not included in set #2)!

I guess it's hard for me to stop creating and this was the case in regard to this set also. I included not only a nifty looking Mai Ling's OODLES OF NOODLES texture for the P3DAMM_LoRes Casual figure (not included) but also an Asain Hat for him to wear (Prop and Smart included - adjust as needed). And just because, I added two textures for the Asian Hat, one natural woven and the other a spiffy Mai Ling special.
And I added an articulated Bow or Stern) Running Light Figure and even MATs for both the simple prop and this "fancy" version. Change the angle of the dangle on the mounting rod, and unlatch the access cover and swing it open to change the bulbs!

Here is what's included...

Figures: Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Others
!Pre Gourmet Stove 2 X 3 (with Pipes)
!Pre Stove 2 Sampan
Sampan Port Magic Screen
Sampan Running Nav Lite 1
Sampan StarBrd Magic Screen
Sampan Tongs 2
Sampan Wire Lights 2
Stove 2 Base (ERC for Gourmet or Sampan)
Stove Pipe End Cap
Stove Pipe Hanger

Software: Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio