Beach Volleyball for Poser

Beach Volleyball for Poser

Beach Volleyball for Poser is a detailed and complete scene with many possibilities for great renders. It's a 360 degree scene complete with sky-dome, hotels/buildings background, a boulevard, showers and changing cabins and complete volleyball court. The volleyball court and netting have official dimensions and all the props and items can be re positioned. The court is made to look like an amateur volleyball club event without tribunes and large crowds which are quite hard to do. A four to four match is a lot easier. The complete scene can be loaded in four groups which can be hidden as well. When posing your characters you can hide the beach group for instance. Or why not leave out the volleyball court and/or the background buildings and let your characters enjoy the sun and silence on an exotic beach. You can also change the time of the day. From midday, to late afternoon and dusk by loading the sky-dome and light pre-sets. The product includes both a FireFly and SuperFly version.

There is a similar product available in the 2nd World store called "Boulevard Beach". It's based on the same beach, and if you're more interested in mainly beach renders then it might be worth to take a look before deciding.

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Software: Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio