Berry Park for Daz Studio

Berry Park for Daz Studio

Berry Park is a set of loose props for you to:

- Build your own Berry Park scene
- Add natural elements to outdoor scenes like water puddles, leaves, sticks and stones
- Place some leaves, stones and twigs on pristine streets
- Add some leaves or twigs at your character's feet so that they stand in the scene and not on top of it.

There are also groups of props that will give you ready-made scene elements.

The materials were optimized for Daz Iray.

1 Ground Plane that's full of dents / bumps.
4 Large Rocks
1 Small Berry Bush
1 Tall Straight Berry Branch
1 Curved Berry Branch

The Berry Bush and Branches are very high polycount props because each leaf and berry are shaped props.

(The textures used for the leaves is from a Cotoneaster bush - the berries were based on the same bush, although Cotoneaster bushes don't naturally grow the way I've shaped the branches.)

Small props:
The small props are scaled larger than the included bushes and branches, however, they are scaled in proportion to a human character i.e. they are quite small and designed to be stuff lying on the ground or weeds.

Sticks x 3
Stones x 3
Puddles x 3
Pebbles x 3
Twigs / very small sticks x 3
Dry Grass blade x 1
Green grass clump x 1
Leaves x 9
Petals x 3
Berries x 2
Weeds x 2
Small Berry Branch / Twig x 1

18 Groups
In the groups the props are parented to easily move them to the right spot in the scene.
The name of the group is the parent object.

3 Groups of objects with the ground to create your own Berry Park Scene.

15 Groups of the smaller objects ready to be dropped into Berry Park Scene or any other scene.
1. Group of berries lying on the ground
2. Group of leaves lying on the ground
3. Leaves and Berries that match the berry bush
4. Twigs and grass cuttings lying on the ground
5. Puddle and pebbles
6. Puddle, stones & small pebbles
7. Puddle and Autumn Leaves
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Petals
10. Petals 2
11. Stones and Pebbles
12. Green Leaves
13. Berries and Leaves
14. Weeds
15. Puddles and berries

Some of these groups are designed to have some parts stick into the ground, like the sticks and stems so
there are some small parts here and there that are below ground.

The included ground prop is uneven and that you may have to rotate the groups or move some pieces to position them correctly.
Depending on how you've placed the ground, they might load below the ground prop - just because some parts of the ground is raised.

Tip: These groups will cover only a small area, either spread the contents out, once placed, or place a few of the same group to cover a larger area.

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