Cocktail Lounge and Bar 2.0 for Daz Studio

Cocktail Lounge and Bar 2.0 for Daz Studio

Cocktail Lounge and Bar 2.0

Let your characters have a nice little party or a nice chill-out session in this cocktail lounge with bar.
This product comes with several furniture/deco props and sets and several material presets for Iray.

- Ashtray
- Bar
- Bar stool
- Bottle of Wine
- Ceiling Fan
- Cigarette
- Cocktail Glass
- Cognac Glass
- Decanter
- Deco Picture
- Drop light
- Fan/Light Control Switch
- Floor Lamp
- Lighter
- Lounge Chair
- Lounge Table
- Tray
- TV (as wall mounted and standing unit)
- White and Red Wine Glas

- Room Base and single Wall, Floor and Ceiling props

- Fully furnitured scene

Material Iray Presets:
- 5 Wall/Floor/Ceiling Materials
- 6 Iray Light Emission Presets (Deco Picture, Drop Light and Floor Lamp)
- Ashtray Glas / Marble
- 2 Material Presets for the whole Bar
- Bottle of Wine
- Ceiling Fan
- Cigarette
- 2 presets for the deco picture
- Drop Light
- Fan Control
- Floor Lamp
- Glass Clear / Glass Milky
- Lighter
- 2 Lounge Chair Styles
- 2 Lounge Table Styles
- Tray Presets

You can also add your own shader presets to the walls, floor, ceiling, metal parts, glass, wooden parts etc. for instance.
The displayed picture on the TV and Deco Pictures can be changed freely as well.

Textures Included:
- 36 Diffuse/Bump and Normal Maps (up to 2048x2048)

- DAZ Studio 4.9 or later.

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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