Country Home, Kids Bedroom

Country Home, Kids Bedroom

A wonderful collection of Poses for The Kids 4! This pack was made having in mind a special attention to hand posing, eyes positioning and all details that make Poses natural and realistic so you can enjoy many hours of great renderings. These Poses specially created for Kids Bedroom set. Can either be used with Country Home or without it , having Poses for both situations, Anywhere Poses and Go-To Poses.


These are loaded on Ground Zero to work with Kids Bedroom Zero

25 Poses for Kids 4
21 poses for the props
15 reset poses for the props


These are loaded on Ground Zero to work with Kids Bedroom located at the Country Home

25 Poses for Kids 4
21 poses for the props
15 reset poses for the props

TOTAL of 122 Poses

~~~~Dreamlands Description~~~

Country Home line continues with "Kids Bedroom" that works with Country Home or any scene you like.
The minds of Tom and Ilona have brought you another huge project. They just don't know when to stop.
All the furniture and toys for the complete package along with 122 Poses.

~~~~~ Here is the list of objects included. ~~~~~
~~~~~ Figures Entire Set ~~~~~

"Kids Bedroom Room Two" which puts the whole scene in the Country Home Bedroom Two, the rear bedroom
"Kids Bedroom Zero" which loads the whole scene at world zero which is behind the Bed Headboard.

~~~~~ Figures Single ~~~~~

Hereafter Figures load at World Zero
ABC Block which has it's own material library for the alphabet and numbers.
Color Pencil which has it's own material library for the pencil colors
Sheet of Paper
Desk with Book Case
Desk Chair
Hobby Horse
Kids Bed with 6 working Drawers
The comforter has 11 morphs for different shapes
Kids Clock with working time control that works forward or backwards
Kids Lamp with a cord length morph
Kids Mirror that tilts
Kids Room mover that you can parent the single items to move them all around as your own group
Kids Rug
Kids Side Table
Kids Top
Mallet for the Xylophone
Xylophone & Mallet
Pencil Tree with several morph controls
Rocket Ship
Rocking Horse that rocks like a real world rocker with one ERC dial
Rubik Cube non functional
Stacking Rings
Storage Cabinet with working doors
Teddy Bear with it's own material library
Toy Airplane
Toy Box with working lid and rigged shock absorber
Toy Train with two controls
One for turning the whole Train
One for picking up the train and having it sag as it would if they were all together.


36 Blocks materials A-Z and 0-9 .mc5
13 Fabric Singles .mc5
8 Metal Singles .mc5
42 Paint Singles for a limitless combination of colors .mc5
15 Pencil Colors along with 3 Drawings for the Paper Sheet .mc5
31 Presets for applying the Multicolor, Boys, Girls, and Green default materials on the big items .mc6
10 Teddy Bear .mc6
23 Teddy Bear Singles .mc5

All promotional images, completed in Poser 2012 Pro
Objects not included in this description are not included.
Not tested in Daz Studio
All content by Dreamland Models and Ilona.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio