Desert Bundle For DS

Desert Bundle For DS

Desert Bundle For DS is a full interior and exterior building with many features and material choices.
All the walls, roof and even the floor may be hidden with a single click in the parameters.
Even the bars or glass for the windows may be hidden.
Comes with a Throne, Lamp Stand and Lamps for the Dungeon, surrounding property and so much more.
See list below for full description of what is included with this beautiful ground breaking product.

~~~ What's Included and Features ~~~

~~~ Props ~~~

Desert Building


Lamp for the Ceiling

Dungeon Lamp

Candle Stand

Terrain which is the ground prop

9 Cactus Plants

3 Grass Plants Dry

3 Grass Plants Green

3 Desert Plants

15 Rocks Realistic textures

1 Wooden Fence Section

Arch Chair

Bird Perch

Low Poly Flock of birds intended for in the distance

Lounge Chair with many moving pats and hide show controls and lot of material options

7 Pillows with lots of material options

Hand Held Candle

3 Plants

9 Pots with lots of materials

Set of torture Stakes with morphing spikes

Human cage for dungeon or any scenes lots of location presets

Wall Lamp

The following are skeleton parts

Human Skull with rigged Jaw




Leg Bone Large

Leg Bone Small


24 Individual rib bones

Rib Cage

Rib Sternum


Skull no Jaw


~~~ Scene Subsets ~~~

Lamps Bay West

Lamps Bay East

Lamps Center

Wall Lamps Dungeon

Wall Lamps

Bones Pile

Bones on the Floor

9 Separate Cactus presets or us
1 Cactus All in one Preset

15 Rock Presets or
1 Rocks All in one Preset

3 Desert Grass

3 Lush Grass

~~~ Material Presets ~~~

188 Total Material Presets

Building Default

5 Arc Chair

5 Cage

5 Hand Candle

11 Lounge Chair

11 Pillow 1

11 Pillow 2

11 Pillow 3

11 Pillow 4

11 Pillow 5

11 Pillow 6

11 Pillow 7

5 Pot 1

5 Pot 2

5 Pot 3

5 Pot 4

5 Pot 5

5 Pot 6

5 Pot 7

5 Pot 8

5 Pot 9

5 Wall Lamp

5 Candle Stands

7 Main Floors

5 Ceiling Lamps

11 Thrones

5 Arc Chair

5 Cage

5 Hand Candle

~~~ Candle Lighting ~~~

11 Candle Lighting Powers

~~~ HDR Lighting ~~~

2 HDR Lighting presets more may be obtained at that are free to use for any purpose.

~~~ Cameras ~~~

60 Cameras

~~~ Textures Include ~~~

4,113 files from small to 8192 x 8192


All promotional images, completed in Daz Studio
Objects not included in this description are not included.
May not be used in Second Life, or any other online game, for any purpose.
All content by Dreamland Models.
You may use this package in any commercial or non commercial renders.
You cannot resell the files or include them in another product or package.
You may not give it away as a gift, or offer it for free downloading.

WARNING: Due to the high use of instances and detail of this product, it is very processor intensive.
It will be slow on most systems and as such may appear as if the program is unresponsive.
Using a non-textured viewing mode to set up your scene is highly recommended. Lit Wireframe is good
Also add what you need for the scene, only.
You can reduce the load on your viewport, by hiding the scene subsets until you get your camera where you want,
as well as getting the lighting the way you want.
Then un hide for your render and one last look at the scene before rendering.
Return to Wireframe for rendering.

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