Dex's Wrestling Set

Dex's Wrestling Set

Dex's Wrestling Set is back and better than ever! This set comes with a wrestling ring loaded with 13 Apron Morphs, 28 rope morphs and 18 material presets for a wide a variety of quick/easy to load color options. It also includes an Entrance Set with fully functional curtains and a ramp that can be turned flat platform using a simple morph dial.

Every rope bends up/down and in/out with the top and there's also a "twist morph that can be applied to the top two ropes on all sides. Each apron has three morphs allowing it to be lifted in three separate spots.

As a bonus I've also included a remapped barricade and protective matting around the ring. Plus a floor prop to set it all on. Check the freestuff section for a series of free bonus add-ons.

Software: Poser 7+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio