Dirt Path For Daz Studio With Iray

Dirt Path For Daz Studio With Iray

Dirt Path For Daz Studio Iray is a small outdoor scene perfect for just about any style render. It can be used in a nature, horror, or in a historical render and or something totally different.

The ground prop can be used as is or with included additional props. There is a smart prop of edge grass that lines both sides of the gravel path. Also included is another small smart prop of hills / bumps for the ground that breaks up the flat horizon line. The hills / bump prop has it's own smart prop of grass. There is also several grass clumps in various sizes to fill you scene, clovers, weeds and two tree trunks. The tree trunks have no branches. They are meant to be used close up to simulate standing under or near a tall tree. All total there is 19 props.

All props load in the zero position except for the the 3 included smart props. To use smart props select the parent prop in the scene and load the smart prop.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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