Flinks BloodFX - Splatters

Flinks BloodFX - Splatters

Flinks BloodFX - Splatters contains:

75 different objects that are supposed to represent blood splatters on a flat wall.
There are 15 Poser materials (10 Superfly, 5 Firefly) and 10 DAZ materials (as Material Preset and as Shader) included.

For Poser:

75 Blood Splatter Props
5 Firefly Materials
10 Superfly Materials

For OBJ:

75 Blood Splatter Objects

For DAZStudio:

10 Iray Material Presets
10 Iray Shaders

created with DAZ4.15

These are static props, not animations

Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Requirements:  3d software with obj import

Props for Poser and Daz Studio