Flinks Conifer 3 - Christmas Tree Add-On

Flinks Conifer 3 - Christmas Tree Add-On

Flinks Conifer 3 - Christmas Tree Add-On contains:


13 Christmas tree star objects
The stars match the corresponding conifers from the Conifer3 package and can easily be added.
There are two different materials for the star, shiny and frozen.

13 Christmas tree ball objects
These are objects with many balls (except Vue, where the balls are single objects), they can easily be added and fit to the corresponding Conifer3 trees.

There are 16 different materials for the balls (8 shiny and 8 frozen)
The balls objects have 5 different material zones für the balls and the materials are also included as single shaders.

For VUE,
there are no single objects with many Christmas tree balls but 10 single ball objects with different materials for the use in EcoSystems (choose a branch material (Con3c e.g.) and add the balls
as ecosystem (offset from surface -> 100% below surface)
The star is contained as 2 objects with different materials and must be placed manually on the tree.
Also 4 materials to give the conifer a frozen appearance

For OBJ,
star and balls are included as a single combined object. So in total 13 objects

For Poser:

- 13 balls-objects, matching the Conifer3 objects from the 2 packages
- 13 stars-objects, matching the Conifer3 objects from the 2 packages
- 13 combined objects - all combined at once loadable: tree,snow,candles,star,balls
only works if the corresponding main package (Conifer 3 / Conifer 3 - Small trees) is installed

- 2 star materials (shiny & frozen)
- 6 snow materials
- 2 conifer materials (normal & frozen)
- 16 balls materials (8 x shiny & 8 x frozen)
- 10 balls single materials (5 x shiny / 5 x frozen)

For DAZ:

- 32 materials for 3Delight
- 38 materials for Iray

the same material options as for Poser(for the balls, the star and the tree) additionally different snow materials

For OBJ:

- 13 combined objects (balls & star)
- 25 textures (jpg)

Software: Poser 10+

Requirements:  3d software with obj import

Required Products: Flinks Conifer 3, Flinks Conifer 3 - Small Trees

Props for Poser and Daz Studio