Glamour Set DS Furniture

Glamour Set DS Furniture

Limited Time offer: This product with all the Glamour Set products are sold as one at an exeptional price!

Glamour Set DS Furniture


• Glamour Set Chair (.duf)
• Glamour Set Chair Tall (.duf)
• Glamour Set Table (.duf)
• Glamour Set Table Tall (.duf)
• Glamour Set Candle Table (.duf)
• Glamour Set Candle Table Tall (.duf)
• Glamour Set Candle Flame Table (.duf)
• Glamour Set Candle Flame Table Tall (.duf)
• Glamour Set Vase of Lights Table (.duf)
• Glamour Set Vase of Lights Table Tall (.duf)
• Glamour Set Vase Table (.duf)
• Glamour Set Vase Table Tall (.duf)

• 9 Material Presets Candles (.duf)
• 12 Material Presets Chairs (.duf)
• 8 Material Presets Tables (.duf)
• 8 partial Material Presets Table Top (.duf)
• 9 Material Presets Vases + 1 IRAY only (.duf)
• 8 Material Presets Vase Lights (.duf)
• 8 partial Material Presets Vase Lights Wires (.duf)
• 10 partial Material Presets Chair Metals (.duf)
• 10 partial Material Presets Table Metals (.duf)

• 1 Utility Pose: Tables Top Glass OFF (.duf)

• 3Delight & IRAY Material Presets

• 8 Preloads (.duf)

• 7 Cameras (.duf)

• 3 IRAY Lights + Candle Flame Light (.duf)

• 2 Iray Rendering Settings: Environment Mode (.duf)

• 8 Chair Position Poses + Shapes (.duf)
• 1 Candle Position Pose (.duf)
• 2 Table Position Poses (.duf)
• Resets for all (.duf)

• Tutorials for newbies: How to insert Candle Flame Light


Dynamic Morphs

Tall Chair : Sit - Top Change - Top Fluff
Regular Chair : Recline - Sit


Optional: Genesis 3 Female free in DAZ Studio 4.9


† The complete content is shown in the promotional images above.†

Please see Read me for details and to get the best out of this product.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9

No touch-ups.

† Characters, walls, floor, hair, poses & clothing are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Promo Credits:
Glamour Set DS/G3F Poses & Expressions by nirvy
Glamour Set DS/G3F Floors & Walls by nirvy
Marina & Luna by P3D @ DAZ
Kelly & Brigitte by Godin @ DAZ
Natural Hi 3 G3F by nirvy
Ades Hair by SAV
Natural Lingerie Glamour G3F by nirvy
Natural Lingerie Sensible G3F by nirvy
Natural Lingerie Cutesy G3F by nirvy
Sleepy Beauty G3F by nirvy

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