Gothik DS and Poser

Gothik DS and Poser

Gothik Ruins for DS & Poser

"This is Gothik, the dark ruins of a once great cathedral. Gargoyles still stare down from vine choked walls and the once grand windows are but skeletal remains. Many deeds and misdeeds are still to transpire among these ruins." - LukeA

*This set has been updated to now work with Daz Iray - 2019!
*All of the Poser Files are the same, if you would like the DS version and you have already purchased this product you may find the new files in your account!
*The OBJ Files are now included in their own zip file!

Includes (for DS!)

- 01 Complete Pre-Loaded Scene with all props loaded
- 01 Complete Pre-Loaded Scene with all props loaded (without Ivy props)
- 02 Gargoyles (left & right)
- Ground
- Ground Tiles
- Back Wall w/windows
- 08 Ivy Props each one loads to a specific place in the scene
- 07 Ruins/Columns that load separate

- 10 Iray Materials for the Ivy (DS ONLY)


- Includes (for POSER!)

- There are some slight differences in materials for Poser & DS as the Poser version has not been updated, you do not need to re-download the file
- With the Poser version you will get cameras/lights for the DS version you will get a few updated textures for flowers/ivy

- 20 Props including (same as the DS version)
- 09 Camera Pre-sets (these are not included in the DS version!)
- 03 Light Sets (these are not included in the DS version!)

- Some textures for the DS Iray version of this set have been updated.

- This set has been fully updated to include the DS Iray zip file, Poser files have NOT been updated. No new/additional props have been added to the DS files (this time!) but the DS Iray zip does include the new materials for the Ivy Prpps, if you wish to use these textures in Poser, simply download the DS zip file, install the textures wherever you want, once inside Poser you will need to visit the Material Room and select the Ivy Prop you wish to change, here you will simply replace the texture in the leaf material with the new one of your choice, make sure to also use the correct transmap and bump map.

- Thank you and enjoy!
- Sveva & LukeA

Poser 6, Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  Poser 6+ OR Daz Studio (with Iray), OBJ Files also included for import into other programs

Props for Poser and Daz Studio