Grilled Food (for Poser)

Grilled Food (for Poser)

This is a set of 8 food items found a typical cook-out or barbeque. It includes a little something for every taste: chicken, beef, fish, and even some veggies.
Works great in a restaurant settings or a fancy dinner at home or even on a grill.

Product Features:
* Poser figures: obj, cr2/ png:
- Green Beans, at 3,390 polygons.
- Grilled Chicken, at 7,533 polygons.
- Grilled Fish, at 347 polygons.
- Grilled Porkchop, at 4,849 polygons.
- NY Strip Steak, at 5,910 polygons.
- Salmon Fillet, at 7,357 polygons.
- Scallops And Bacon, at 13,997 polygons.
- Small Cooked Potatoes, at 1,452 polygons.
* These models do not include any moving parts.

* One set of textures and bump maps for each model.
* No shaders used on these models.

All sales images rendered in Poser Pro 2012.
Shown with the Cozy Restaurant and Gas Grills, available separately.

Designed for use in Poser 6 and above and not supported in any other software.

Original model by, and acquired, from Poserworld, and now owned by VanishingPoint.

Software: Poser 6+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio