Home in the Woods for DS

Home in the Woods for DS

Home in the Woods for DS is a full interior house with a Master Bedroom, 2 Kids Bedrooms, a Master Bath, a Kids Bath, a Powder Room, a Kitchen Dining Room combination, a Pantry off the Kitchen, a Great Room with a working Fireplace. All walls may be hidden for camera work, as well as the roof porch Ceiling and a few other things like the antenna and Chimney smoke.

Also included an Exterior Only version of the home (easier on system resources), that is for scenes where you use the surrounding Property and its many features. There is even an S shaped River with a Stone Bridge for the Driveway that runs the full length of the Property.

A Pergola (Gazebo) on top of the hill with a working Trolley to transport you up there.
Roof may be hidden for only a deck.

A fully working Garage with rigged garage door that moves as in real life.

Also made a forest for the property that is made up of many Scene Subsets, so you can load only what you need, right down to Flower Beds in different locations.

The plants are all low poly and take advantage of instances in Daz Studio, to keep the polygon count down to a minimum.

See list below for full description of what is included with this beautiful ground breaking product.

~~~ What's Included and Features ~~~

~~~ Props Main ~~~

1 Home with full Interior with 129 parameter sliders or switches
1 Home Exterior Only version no interior walls
1 Garage
1 Pergola
1 Trolley
1 Property
1 Power Poles that run the length of the driveway

~~~ Props Extra ~~~

1 Canvas Blind Large with many controls
1 Canvas Blind Small with many controls
1 Roll Up Blinds which puts one on every window in the house
1 Fire Brush
1 Fire Poker
1 Fire Shovel
1 Fire Tongs
1 Fire Tool Holder
1 Fire Tools with all the tools hanging in the holder
1 Heater Large (Extra) so you can add more if you like
1 Heater Small (Extra) so you can add more if you like
1 Log Rack
1 Log Stack
1 Log Rack Loaded
1 Push Broom with controls
1 Rug Runner for the stairway
1 Scoop Shovel
1 Sledge Hammer
1 Straight Broom
1 Trash Can & Lid
1 Trash Can Full of plaster bits
1 Trash Can Lid
1 Trash Can
1 Tree Light

~~~ Props Plants ~~~

5 Bushes
5 Dead tree Branches
1 Driveway Grass
17 Flowers
10 Single Leaves
10 Plants like ferns etc.
5 Tall Pine trees
1 Tall Tree Fallen with dials (Think Timber!)
8 trees with controls to hide the foliage
3 Dead Trees

~~~ Props Plaster ~~~

7 Plaster Bits
7 Plaster Piles Bare
7 Plaster Piles covered with Bits (Instances)
7 Plaster fallen for near the walls where the plaster is missing

~~~ Scene Subset Presets ~~~

~~~ Flowers ~~~

1 All Subsets Flowers loaded at one time
1 Flowers Home East (Instances)
1 Flowers Home North (Instances)
1 Flowers Home South (Instances)
1 Flowers Home Walls (Instances)
1 Flowers Low Plants Pergola (Instances)
1 Flowers Pergola (ground around the Pergola) (Instances)
1 Flowers Trolley Hill (ground around the Trolley) (Instances)

~~~ Leaves ~~~

1 Dead Branches Creek (Instances)
1 Driveway Leaves (Instances)
1 Patio Leaves (Instances)
1 Pergola Patio Leaves (Instances)
1 Pergola Roof Leaves (Instances)
1 Trolley Leaves (Instances)

~~~ Plants North ~~~

1 All Subsets North (Instances)
1 Bush Plants North (Instances)
1 Bushes Creek North (Instances)
1 Bushes Drive North (Instances)
1 Dead Branches North (Instances)
1 Home Yard Grass Blades (Instances)
1 Tall Pines North (Instances)
1 Trees Fallen North (Instances)
1 Trees Short North (Instances)

~~~ Plants South ~~~

1 All Subsets South (Instances)
1 Bush Plants South (Instances)
1 Bushes Creek South (Instances)
1 Bushes Drive South (Instances)
1 Dead Branches South (Instances)
1 Tall Pines South (Instances)
1 Trees Fallen South (Instances)
1 Trees Short South (Instances)

~~~ Cameras ~~~

70 Exterior Cameras
58 Home Interior Cameras

~~~ Lighting ~~~

2 Garage On Off Lights
22 Home Exterior On Off Lights
32 Home Interior On Off Lights
2 Pergola On Off Lights

~~~ Textures Include ~~~

2,609 Texture, Base Color, Height, Normal, and Roughness Maps (130 x 930 to 8192 x 8192)

~~~ Instances Include ~~~

Bush Plants North 21,828
Bush Plants South 13,840
Bushes Creek North 4,950
Bushes Creek South 5,000
Bushes Drive North 17,181
Bushes Drive South 17,181
Dead Branches North 375
Dead Branches South 375
Home Yard Grass Blades 34,072
Trees Fallen North 7
Trees Fallen South 7
Tall Pine Trees North 625
Tall Pine Trees South 625
Trees Short North 981
Trees Short South 2,386
Flowers Home East 450
Flowers Home North 450
Flowers Home South 525
Flowers Home Walls 1,925
Flowers Low Plants Pergola 9,990
Flowers Pergola 2,485
Flowers Trolley Hill 3,022
Dead Branches Creek 202
Driveway Leaves 8,910
Patio Leaves 2,000
Pergola Patio Leaves 1,000
Pergola Roof Leaves 1,000
Trolley Leaves 500
With all loaded 149,442 not including the originals that the instances were created with.


All promotional images, completed in Daz Studio
Objects not included in this description are not included.
May not be used in Second Life, or any other online game, for any purpose.
All content by Dreamland Models.
You may use this package in any commercial or non commercial renders.
You cannot resell the files or include them in another product or package.
You may not give it away as a gift, or offer it for free downloading.

WARNING: Due to the high poly count and detail of this product, it is very processor intensive.
It will be slow on most systems and as such may appear as if the program is unresponsive.
Using a non-textured viewing mode to set up your scene is highly recommended.
Also add what you need for the scene, only.
Use the Exterior only Home for most exterior scenes, as there is no interior on this prop,
which greatly reduces the load on your system. You can also reduce the load on your viewport,
by hiding the scene subsets until you get your camera where you want as well as getting the lighting the way you want.
Then unhide for your render and one last look at the scene before rendering.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio