Ichthyon Experimental Steamboat

Ichthyon Experimental Steamboat

In 1858 Captain George Beadon built the Ichthyon, an experimental steamboat that used concepts from one of his patents. This small boat, sized to navigate narrow English canals, had an interesting hull with the conical helix propellers first described in his 1852 British patent. The Ichthyon went beyond the patent, using a double-pontoon hull with two propellers that were also used to steer the boat, which had no rudder. Steering was accomplished by running the propellers at different speeds, even reversing one, so that the boat could turn in its own length. Perhaps exaggerating, Beadon claimed the Ichthyon, not towing, could achieve 32 mph and run over shoals and through mud. An 1860 news article reported that it "towed two barges from Bristol, laden with 90 tons of stone … at the rate of three miles an hour".

The Ichthyon Experimental Steamboat 3D model is a fully-rigged Poser figure, sized for Poser people. The figure is based on a photograph of the Ichthyon on a trailer and minimal descriptions published in several 19th century newspaper articles.

The completely imaginary steampunk Gunboat version is included as a bonus.

(The model was built for Poser but loads and operates in DAZ Studio – see the ReadMe for particulars).

The Steamboat and Gunboat models have ERC control at the BODY level:
o Operating articulated controls
o Propellers turn as a function of control settings
o Boiler doors open
o Flag wind morphs
Imaginary Gunboat:
Nordenfelt organ gun positioned and parented to Gunboat
o Gun elevates, revolves, and fires

The Ichthyon Steamboat and imaginary Gunboat figures are preloaded with props, some of which are made visible or hidden with Hide/Show poses (see below).

Extra props:
o Billboard smoke parented to the stacks
o Nordenfelt gun magazine for the imaginary gunboat

o Hide/Show canopy and canopy frame
o Hide/Show some deck equipment
o Hide/Show cockpit benches
o Hide/Show coal cribs and hot coals
o Default MAT
o M4 and V4 crew poses
Imaginary Gunboat:
o Hide/Show shielding
o Hide/Show gun magazines
o Default MATs and MORs

o Full camera set tailored for easy viewing and rendering - Includes main, auxiliary, left, right, top, bottom, front and back cameras

See the ReadMe file and view the product promos above for more information.

Software: Poser 6+, Daz Studio 4, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Poser 11

Props for Poser and Daz Studio