The Jeep

The Jeep

Included in this package:

- Jeep
- Mount A Browning 30
- Mount A Vickers
- Mount A Vickers double
- Mount B Vickers
- Mount C Vickers
- Mount C Vickers double
- Mount D Vickers
- Mount D Vickers double

The Jeep have several dials for adjusting the vehicle, grouped together in groups
The groups and dials are placed under body part "Chassis"

The Browning and Vickers MGs have several dials for adjusting the guns

- Bag
- Bags Frame Fender small (group of 4 bags)
- Bags Frame Fender (group of 2 bags)
- Box Ammo cal 30 (with dial for handle)
- Card Box Plasma
- Cover
- Crate Ammo Boxes
- Crate Ammo
- Crate Grenades
- Crate Medicals
- Crate Rations
- Jerry Can
- Jerry Cans back (group of 8 cans)
- Jerry Cans front 3 (group of 3 cans)
- Jerry Cans front 5 (group of 5 cans)
- Jerry Cans side (group of 2 cans)
- Loading (group of a cover and several crates and bags)
- Marsten Mats back (group of 2 mats)
- Pan Magazine
- Rope
- Sluggish
- Water bottle british (with dials for adjusting and moving)
- Windshield Cover
- Wire cutter

* All Props defined as a smartprop and parented to the Jeep

- 4 materials for the Jeep
- 4 materials for the bag
- 2 materials for the cover
- 2 materials for the cover loading
- 2 materials for the crate medicals
- 2 materials for the crate ration
- 4 materials for the jerry can
- 2 materials for the marsten mat
- 2 materials each for the MG mounts Browning and Vickers
- 2 materials for the windshield cover
(for all props not listed one material each)

* All shaders for the Figures and Props are build in 2 versions, for 'FireFly' (Poser 10 and higher) and 'SuperFly' (Poser 11 and higher).

REQUIREMENTS: Poser 10 and higher
Tested under Windows with P10, PP11, P12

Poser only, dials not working in DS

Software: Poser 10+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio