Legendary Lantern - Relit

Legendary Lantern - Relit

These two models represents two of many typical and famous lanterns of our past or even present. The first is lantern with Fresnel lens used mostly as anchor light. According international regulations it is defined as a 360 degree white all round light, indicating the vessel showing it is "at anchor", not "under power" or "under sail" or "making way. The lamp must have a visible range of one, two or three nautical miles depending on the length of the vessel. The lens inside the lamp is based on invention of French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel. The design enables the construction of lenses of large aperture and short focal length without the weight and volume of material that would be required in conventional lens design. Compared to earlier lenses, the Fresnel lens is much thinner, thus passing more light and allowing lightsources to be visible over much longer distances. Colored globe provided for one of models are used not as anchor light but as positional light.
Kerosene Pressure lamp uses a mantle for generating bright white light when heated by a flame.A pressure lamp has a fuel tank at the bottom with a small pump to pressurise the kerosene. There is a narrow gap up to the top of the lamp called a flue, and at the top of the lamp there is a burner (gas outlet). Directly underneath the burner is the mantle, a fabric bag coated with chemicals which incandesce (glow brightly) when heated by the gas flame. To work a pressure lamp the kerosene needs to be heated to the point where it is vaporised. This is necessary because vaporised kerosene burns much hotter than liquid kerosene. Kerosene pressure lamps are known mostly by brand names of its manufacturers which are different in various parts of the world.

This is complete rework of my original model from 2010, now with support for superfly light emmiting materials, fully uv mapped and with brand new textures, both specular and PBR, ERC controls and poses for Michael 4 and Victoria 4 easily usable with any other human figures.

This is second rework which added full suport for Daz Studio and G8 Male and Female Figures

What is included:
Anchor Lantern with Fresnel Lens (PBR and Specular Variants)
Petromax Kerosene Pressure Lantern (PBR and Specular Variants)

Smart Props:
Light Globes with superfly light emmiting materials (white, red, green and blue, for anchor lantern and bright white for kerosene pressure lantern).

figure Parented point light (white, red, green and blue, for anchor lantern and bright white for kerosene pressure lantern).

Setup poses for both lanterns and for M4 and V4 RH
4 lantern wielding poses for M4 and V4

Anchor Lantern: 4 metalic specular variants, 4 glass globe specular variants, 4 metalic PBR variants, 4 glass globe variants, flame materials for specular and PBR.
Kerosene Pressure Lantern: 5 metalic specular variants, 4 metalic PBR variants, glass and flame materials for specular and PBR.

PBR materials work only in Poser 11 both with firefly or superfly rendering engines. br />
Up to 4kx4k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 140 MB.
suitable for animations. Historical Reconstruction, Real Life Inspiration. As a bonus, original product from 2010 is included as is.

Software: Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Props for Poser and Daz Studio