MiG-19 Farmer C for Poser

MiG-19 Farmer C for Poser

The MiG-19 Farmer C (based on a modification of the MiG-17 design) was a mediocre aircraft at it's best, but was the very first Soviet aircraft to be able to break the Sound Barrier in level flight (the MiG-15 and 17 were both subsonic, breaking the sound barrier only in a powered, and potentially dangerous, dive).

Unfortunately the MiG-19 was prone to major mechanical issues, and also engine fires (due to overheating of a central fuel tank located between the engines). It also suffered from sudden pitch-up when the air-brakes were deployed, engine stalls and flame-outs with sudden throttle changes, and high landing speeds... Additionally, its conventional tail-plane assembly lacked authority (control) at supersonic speed...

Many of the handling issues were resolved by adding an all-moving Stabilator and other wing modifications, but the MiG-19 continued to suffer from a high accident rate due to various mechanical short-comings. Never-the-less, the Vietnamese used the MiG-19 to great effect during the Vietnam Conflict, scoring kills against F-4's, F-104's and F-105's.

The North Vietnamese Air Force began receiving the MiG-19 at the end of Operation Rolling Thunder, which ended in 1968. Despite their limited numbers, MiG-19s were involved in extensive combat during Operations Linebacker 1 and Linebacker 2 (aka the Christmas Bombing).

In the Soviet inventory the MiG-19 was quickly replaced by the much superior MiG-21, but the MiG-19 soldiered on in many other countries, and was maintained in production in various versions in China as the J-6 well into the 1990's. Most others were retired in the 70's, but a number still remain in service today in the Air Forces of various countries, including North Korea...

Here are some of the Highlights:
* Over 50 Points of Articulation on the main figure!
* Moving Flaps, Ailerons, Rudder. Stabilator, Speed Brakes, Opening Landing Gear Doors, Raising and Lowering Gear, Spin-able Wheels, Steer-able Nose Gear, Opening Canopies, Deployable Slats, Folding Wings, Deployable Emergency Drag Chute, Fully Functional Cockpit Flight Controls, and Working Ejection Seat...
* Numerous ERC dials for ease of control from one main location, including dials for various basic flight maneuvers. The weapons sets also have ERC controls for ease of use in images and animation!
* Conforming Dummy Aircrew figure to use to place a Pilot in the Cockpit.
* Conforming Crew Boarding Ladder and FOD Storage Covers for the Engine and Air Intake.
* 7 Separate Conforming Weapons sets designed to be Mixed and Matched to create multiple load-outs for the Weapons most commonly carried by the MiG-19 Farmer, with fully controllable ordinance deployment. These Sets are broken down by mounting location so that each set can be properly mix and matched with the others, allowing large variations of weapons loads that can be added based on mission requirements!

No additional files will be needed to use this product... it is a stand-alone figure!

Original model by Chris Schell and uploaded for sale here with permission.

Software: Poser 6+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio