Modern Bedroom 2.0 for Daz Studio

Modern Bedroom 2.0 for Daz Studio

Modern Bedroom 2.0 for DAZ Studio.

Create your own stylish bed room with this modular product.
Several bed room furniture props and different Iray materials to choose from.
All doors and drawers can be operated. The wall clock can be set with dials.
Lamps can be switched on and off using Iray Emission Presets.

This product is also nice to combine with other products that provide furniture, household items etc.

Use the included scene set with a fully furnitured room or just build your own.

Props included:

- Cabinet
- Ceiling Lamp
- Chair
- Clock (Alarm Clock)
- Double Bed with pillows and blanket (pillows and blanket can be translated and removed)
- Dresser
- Floor Lamp
- Glas
- Wall mirror with Lamps
- Nightstand (Table) Lamp
- Nightstand
- Ottoman
- Pillow / Blanket
- Table Lamp
- TV Remote
- LCD TV Flat screen (Standing and Wall Mounted version)
- Vase
- Wall Clock with moveable hands

Architectual Elements:

- Walls, Ceiling, Floor, Room Base

Iray Material Presets:

Each item includes a base material preset, listed are only the ones with more than one option

- 2 Bed Presets
- 2 Bed Metal Presets
- 3 Cabinet Presets
- 4 Chair Presets
- 2 Chair Metal Presets
- 3 Dresser Presets
- 3 Nightstand Presets
- 4 Ottoman Presets
- 6 Presets for Pillow and Blanket
- 2 Presets for the TV
- Light Emission Presets for Lamps

You can also use your own shader presets for the wood, leather, metal parts etc.
Pillow/Blanket colors can be choosen freely.

Textures Included:

- 44 Diffuse/Bump/Normal Maps (up to 2048x2048)

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio