Modular 3D Kits: Summer Garden Construction Set

Modular 3D Kits: Summer Garden Construction Set

Construct your own beautiful, romantic gardens with the Summer Garden Construction Kit! Enjoy a massive 75-piece construction set with highly optimized models, low poly without sacrificing quality and detail. Everything comes with PBR textures and materials, and you get 4 full preload scenes to get you started, even with a wedding ceremony set! You get a full gazebo, bridge, benches, fences, 3 types of flower trellis, rock formations, stumps, many flower arrangements, and 3 types of path and edge construction kits with all the pieces needed to create your own garden paths! Textures are in high quality, ranging from 2K to 4K per piece, depending on size. If you purchase the extended license, this set is perfect for use in games, as it comes with PBR textures, low polygon count, and a minimum of UV islands.

The following is included:
Full preload scene: Big
Full preload scene: Small and detailed
Full preload scene: Wedding with benches and trellis
Full preload scene: Garden path
1 Bench
1 Bridge
1 Fence segment
10 Flower patches
3 Flower patch rings of extra plants
1 Gazebo, split into main, benches and flowers (Can be used separately)
6 Grass patches
3 Ground pieces (flat, stream and waterplane)
6 Rock lining construction pieces
6 Plant lining construction pieces
4 Grass lining construction pieces
3 Path construction pieces
2 Rock bases with flowers
3 Rock bases with pines
1 Rock base extra plant ring
4 Rock formations
3 Stumps
3 Flowered trellis
3 Empty trellis
1 Wall
1 Wall with plants
5 Flower material variations

Materials for Poser (Superfly and Firefly dual materials)
Shader Presets for Daz Studio (IRAY)

This scene is optimized for both Daz Studio and Poser, with separate zips for each.

Software: Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio