Mountain Path for Daz and Poser

Mountain Path for Daz and Poser

It's a path, on a mountain, or maybe a hill, a foot hill perhaps. Either way, the path goes up, well unless you're already up top. The scene consists of the path and hilly mountainous area it's in and a few trees, weeds and grass. Oh and rocks, can't forget them rocks. There's a small pond at the base and a rickity fence barrier. Also included is a separate prop I erroneously called an outcrop, although it does have rocky outcrops. It's main function is to be placed around the base of the main scene in case you're rendering from up top looking down. Otherwise the terrain just ends and would make for less impressive renders. Naturally you can use it in any way you see fit. The trees and grass props can be loaded individually.

Software: Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio