Movie Sets, City Block 16

Movie Sets, City Block 16

The line continues with City Block Sixteen. Bagginsbill was kind enough to allow me to use his wonderful Puddle Materials in this set. This set includes a new feature. The 8 Outer Blocks ( a figure) now have two sizes of grass to cover the block that is now all concrete sections. Hide or show two sizes of grass to show 1 row of sidewalks or 2 rows of side walk. You may also hide all of the grass to allow for other buildings to be set on a concrete ground. See the site images. Hide show poses included.
As always this set comes with the surrounding streets and empty lots to give you a base for a city scene.
When you get a new set, simply load the block and move it to the hidden empty lots coordinates.
I have the City Blocks set up so you can move them easily to any one of the 9 locations.
That is not all! Once you move a block, you can easily rotate the block and all the extras go along for the ride!
You can buy one set and have four different corners meeting at one intersection by simply loading 1 block 4 times and moving and rotating to do so.
All appropriate limits are set for ease of movement.
Each City Block is perfectly square, so they can be rotated in place and have them line up just great!
For more details, read the what is included in the set list.
There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless variety of scenes.
Many of the objects are free to be moved to other locations, or saved as individual objects to be used in your other scenes.
Not tested in Daz Studio or any other program.

~~~~~ Here is the list of objects included. ~~~~~


Outer Blocks with Hide Show Poses for the two sizes of Grass Sections


1 City Block Sixteen with the proper limits set, for perfect alignment
7 Separate Identical Homes that may be saved as their own Props.
each include 1 TV Antenna that may rotate

9 Separate Commercial Buildings that may be saved as their own Props.
20 Single Polygon Trees that may be sized and moved as you see fit includes Single Weeds. Duplicate for more Trees
1 Single Polygon Trees Grouped the same as when you load the whole city block all 20 of them in case you want to put all the Trees back the way they were when loading City Block Sixteen.

1 Fire Hydrant
1 Street Lamp
1 Basketball
1 Basketball Backboard on a pole that can be located anywhere
1 Park Bench
3 Rooftop Billboards may be used in other scenes
1 Water Tank on the Roof that has a movable Water Level and an Access Ladder that rotates around the Tank
2 Dirt Piles may be used in other scenes
1 Fire Pipe with Working Valve Wheel
1 Iron Fence in front of the Cafe, may be hidden
1 Spinning Sign on the top of the Cafe

Weeds all over the place may be hidden if you like
1 Single Flat Weed Clone for more of them
1 Single Round Weed Clone for more of them

Many, Many built in details.
1 set of Road Signs
1 Power Pole and Power Line System
All of these items may be saved as separate props for other scenes.


5 Block Sixteen all but the Flower Zones .mc6 Dry, Puddles Large, Puddles Small, Raining large, Raining Small
5 Blocks Outer .mc6 Dry, Puddles Large, Puddles Small, Raining large, Raining Small
6 Grass Singles .mc5 Dry Abandoned, Dry Long, Dry medium, Dry Mover is Broken, Dry Short, Puddles
2 Defaults Block Sixteen and Blocks Outer
9 Commercial Building Defaults for putting them back to factory
25 Home Material Schemes for a lot of variety .mc6
You can have a row of identical track homes or change it up, as the possibilities are huge
16 Roof Materials for even more variety
28 Plant Singles that may be applied to any plant object. Bushes and Trees .mc5
20 Flower Bed Materials that may be applied to any of the 60 different Flower Zones .mc5
382 Material Maps includes some bump, displacement, reflection and Alpha maps


24 Simple Cameras
24 Matching Lights


This Quad Modeling totals 59,167 Polygons including the Outer Blocks
The Sky Dome is not included.
All promotional images, completed in Poser
Objects not included in this description are not included.
Not tested in Daz Studio or any other program
May not be used in Second Life for any purpose.
All content by Dreamland Models.

Product requirements

Software: Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014
Props for Poser and Daz Studio