Old West Saloon

Old West Saloon

Old West Saloon - Updated for DAZ Iray 2023!

*The Poser files have NOT changed, the zip is the same, there is now also a separate zip file for DS and OBJ files*

- Props Include -

- Load Main Set ALL + Deco + Chairs
- Load Main Set and Decorations
- Load Main Set ALL

- Old Saloon Floor (load first, props parent to floor)
- Backbar
- Bar
- Ceiling
- Porch (this is an inside set but the porch can still be used separately or in the background)
- Stairs
- 04 Walls (Wall 04 includes moving door)
- 02 Barrels (open/closed)
- Floor Candles
- Carpet
- Door Downstairs
- Door Upstairs
- 02 Fancy Saloon Chairs
- Small Table
- Firewood
- Stove
- Piano
- Small Stool
- Spittoon
- Wagon Wheel Chandelier
- 08 Bottles
- 01 Shot Glass
- 01 Back Bar Bottles
- 10 Paintings
- 04 Poker Tables
- 16 Matching Chairs (4 per table, load as many as you like)

- All Props parent to the FLOOR. Please load Floor Prop first, select floor and then load the props.
- 03 Folders contain the product in the DS Library (Environments folder), Main Set, Bottles and Paintings, Chairs and Tables

- Thanks Sveva & Luke

*This is the same Old West Saloon that LukeA sold previously, the Poser files have NOT changed, however, the set has been updated to include a separate zip file for DS Iray, and a separate zip file for the OBJ files.
*If you have purchased this set before you may now download the updated files*

Requirements:  Poser 6 and above

Props for Poser and Daz Studio