Outdoor Sports Collection 2 for Poser

Outdoor Sports Collection 2 for Poser

The “Outdoor Sports Collection 2” contains three complete sports scenes. Basketball, badminton and tennis. The fields, netting, basketball system etc. have official dimensions. The scenes are made to look like your typical small recreational amateur sports club.

The basketball system is height adjustable and matches official dimensions. The tennis netting can be changed from single to double play.

You can render your scene from every angle because the scenes are surrounded with background trees. There's also a sky dome included with sky and clouds. There are also camera, material and light presets, so setting up a complete scene is a matter of a few mouse-clicks.

You can choose a daytime or a nighttime scene with working field lights. There's also a choice between a FireFly and SuperFly version.

None of the girls from the sport teams in the promotional images wanted to be included, so you're going to need to assemble your own team ;)

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Software: Poser 8+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio