Parlour of Mystery

Parlour of Mystery

The "Parlour of Mystery" product from Mesh Manglers comes in a Stand Alone and Addon version. It is the third installment to the successful "House of Madness Collection". The Stand Alone version of this product will load into your scene at ground level. The Addon versions will load into the scene to seamlessly join with the "Basement of Horror" model also from Mesh Manglers.

This poseable "Parlour of Mystery" model has been designed to create a spooky seance or as a fortune tellers parlour. The secret passage hidden behind the poseable bookcase leads to a short coridoor in the Stand Alone Version. With the addition of the "Basement of Horror" and the Bathroom of Misery" this passge can lead to so much more. It is the perfect companion model to the other rooms in the "House of Madness Collection" also by Mesh Manglers. All the props from the "House of Madness Collection" are interchangeable expanding on the versatility of this collection.

This Parlour of Mystery model consists of the following components:

- 1 x Rigged “Parlour of Mystery ” room model (the doors and bookcase are poseable)
Every part of the "Parlour of Mystery" room model can be hidden to allow the unobstructed placement of cameras.

- Candelabra (the Candelabra Base, each of the Candles and Candle Flames are poseable)
- Ouija Board (the Board and Planchette are poseable)
- Tarot Cards - Cross Layout (the facing Tarot Cards are poseable)
- Tarot Cards - Fan Layout (the facing Tarot Cards are poseable)
- Tarot Table (both the left and right Drawers of the Table are poseable)
- Gramophone (the Horn, Stylus and Winding Handle are all poseable)

- Ceiling Light with parented point lights
- Wall Light with parented point lights
- Crystal Ball
- Mantle Clock
- Side Table
- Parlour Table
- Parlour Chair
- Parlour Rug
- Gramophone Record (SmartProp)
- Photo Frames x 5
- Wall Painting
- Firepalce Tools
- Fire Box

- 2 x Ceiling Light (On/OFF State)
- 2 x Wall Light (On/OFF State)
- 2 x Crystal Ball (Clear/With Spirt Faces)

- The Scene file will load all the "Parlour of Mystery" components with a single click. This Scene file also contains duplicated Wall Lights and Parlour Chairs to enable the replication of the room layout as seen in the promotional images.

The Dials associated with each of the poseable components of the various props have been renamed for ease of use and identification.
Also the doors of this product have been range limited to prevent intersection with the rooms walls.
This product comes with highly detailed textures that will allow close up renders.

Software: Poser 7+, Poser 11

Props for Poser and Daz Studio