Pattern Art Gallery for Daz

Pattern Art Gallery for Daz

This set is for Daz Studio. There is a separate set for Poser.
The sets are similar, but not 100% identical. The textures are optimized for the various render engines.

Pattern art gallery is a versatile prop set consisting of individual pieces that you can mix and match to make a unique set.
There are 110 different patterns that you can apply to the art pieces to decorate the gallery any way you want to.
You can even use the wall art pieces and furniture in other sets.

Included in this package:

* 1 Art Gallery structure (no roof)
* 6 Canvas-type or block mounted wall pieces
* 6 Framed wall pieces - unconventional frames
* 1 Floor decoration (or reduce in size to place on table)
* 1 Bench
* 1 Table

All the materials are created for IRAY.

* 3 Materials each for the art gallery and furniture and floor ornament (Light gray, Brown, Black)

* 110 Unique patterns (Materials) for the art pieces that apply to all of them depending on their UV mapping.

Note: The two rectangle pieces are UV mapped at the bottom of the picture, therefore, will only pick up the bottom rectangle of a square texture.

* 3 ready-made scenes

* 8 Camera Presets
The approximate x and z positions for your character are shown on the thumbnail.

* 8 Light presets that match the camera angles

Note that your environment will affect the lights, therefore, you may need to change the intensity of the
environment or the lights. The two spot lights MUST point at your character (once you insert your character,
change the "point at" setting of the lights to point at your character.) This is especially the case with light 3 where the one
spotlight provides most of the illumination. The lights were created with the standard
environment that comes with Daz, but in the darker scene the intensity and environment settings were increased.

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