Plant Foundations: Parched Lands

Plant Foundations: Parched Lands

Take your runtime straight into photo-realism into Poser with the Parched Lands!

Welcome to the fourth in a series of Render-ready plant sets. This set contains realistic plant bottoms and foundations with dry plants, such as dried grass, dried bushes and other plants you tend to find in more dry, sandy areas. Generally, when working with plants, either you have to work with a lot of polygons, which eats up a lot of memory, or with a lot of transparency sheets, which has a tendency to slow down rendering a lot. In this product we're utilizing the best of two worlds, combining polygon-based grass and plants with opacity maps.

You get several ready-made forest ground squares with an assortment of morphs, so you can very easily build scenes, or add them to existing scenes. In addition, all the plants are available as free "clusters" and singles, in a great deal of variety, so you can add them individually to any scene you desire. Also, the bigger patches also has a low level of detail version, so in case you want bigger scenes you can add them further in the back for big vistas. The Low res patches come with a version without the bottom, and for the high res patches, to save memory and file-size, they instead come with a material option that simply hides the bottom (in case you want to place them on a different surface alltogether.) Some of the larger clumps also have morphs. The small ones don't though, because it's not really necessary.

The following is included:
11 Drygrass props (Baseplant02)
11 Dryplant props (Baseplant04)
7 Dry Bottom Plant A
7 Dry Bottom Plant B
8 Dry Bottom Plant C
5 Lowplant
7 Dry plant clumps
18 Dry grass components (Alpha and polygons, from Wildgrass with new textures)
5 High res patches
1 Low res patch (with no bottom variant)
9 morphs for the patches (Edges, Hill, Slope01, Slope02, Slope03, SlopeCenter01, SlopeCenter02, Buckle)
1 No bottom material for the patches (In case you want to use them with your own landscape props)

Due to the size of the patches and the many morphs included, no preload scene is included in this set.

Software: Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio