Privateer Twin Hull U-boat

Privateer Twin Hull U-boat

The Privateer U-boat is a fully articulated Poser figure of a fictional twin-hulled submarine, sized for Poser people. The figure features many moving parts controlled by coordinated ERC controls at the Body level. The figure is designed for Poser but is compatible with DAZ Studi- 4.7.

Tw- figure variants:
- Basic U-boat
- Full U-Boat, preloaded with props and separate gun figures on the conning tower

All controls are accessible at the BODY level, coordinated s- that linked parts of the figure operate together, and articulated t- facilitate animation.

Coordinated controls
- Rudders
- Propellers
- Dive Planes - dive and surface sequence
- All hatches open and hatch wheels turn
- Carg- hatches
- Torped- loading hatches
- External torped- doors
- Roll, pitch, heading coordinated with gimbaled compass

Other controls:
- Raise and rotate periscope
- Raise snorkel
- Open bridge instrument and voice tube covers
- Longboat covers
- Raise sight

Included extras:
Articulated operating port and starboard multi-barrel organ gun figures that can be used separately
- Four-barrel
- Two-barrel
(These are slightly modified versions from my Nordenfelt gun set former product)

- Free (unparented) longboat with moving rudder
- Oar and oar set
- Oars parented t- M4
- Torpedoes
- Gun magazines
- and more

- Crew
- 26 M4 + 3 positions, including poses for rowing the free longboat
- 21 V4
- Numerous hide/show poses t- change the U-boat configuration
- Utility poses for sight
- MAT poses t- turn searchlight glow on and off

The product includes a full camera set for easy viewing and rendering.

The product includes simple day and night light sets, as well as an interior light subset for lighting at portholes and a searchlight subset positioned t- match the hull mounted lights.

All components are UV-mapped
43 different textures up t- 4000x4000
(All texture templates included)

The figure and props use external geometry in the Poser geometries folder.

- Poses and MATS for the DAZ Millennium Big Cat lion and for Wolmol's Wild Boar (in the Renderosity Marketplace) as wood or bronze figureheads for the port and starboard hulls
- Mounts and poses t- use Cybertenko's Old West Gatling Gun (in the Renderosity Marketplace)

The design of the twin-hulled Privateer U-boat was inspired by Stephen Hunt's very original steampunk Jackelian series of novels and 2010 imaginary submarine artwork by Bob Bell- and Janos Miklos.

See the ReadMe file and view the product promos above for more information.

Software: Poser 6, Daz Studio 4.5

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