Public Courtyard

Public Courtyard

Have a peaceful and relaxing time in the public courtyard! It's a modern four-cornered space with seating all around with trees and plants to add a natural touch and pop of colour. The area is surrounded by 4 buildings, each of them unique, which closes off the scene and 2 of them have an entrance to a basic restaurant interior, nothing overly detailed but enough to give the sense of them being occupied. Because the space is sort of closed in and the closeness of the trees you can easily get great depth out of shadows poking through from a sun lamp with minimal effort! With its casual and formal look it's flexible enough to use as an everyday hangout spot and a breaktime location for business characters! If you're wondering how one enters the area there is an arch entrance leading out. ;)


- Separated buildings for flexible camera angles
- Correctly pivoted props for interaction (you can close the window panels in the open buildings)
- Balanced geometry design to avoid too much PC resources.

Scene builder is included to create the scene in stages: You can load the grounds and plants alone, each building, the sub grounds and the trees!

There are 5 preset camera angles and a prelit scene included (prelit scene requires Poser 11/Pro).

OBJ included for other use

Software: Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio