Russian LK Manned Lunar Lander

Russian LK Manned Lunar Lander

The LK (Lunniy Korabl) was the lunar lander spacecraft of the secret Russian manned lunar program. The project used a two-man crew. AS in the Apollo program, one spacecraft, the LOK (Lunniy Orbitalny Korabl) was designed to orbit the moon while one of the cosmonauts landed on the moon in the LK. Unlike Apollo, there was no internal hatchway between the LK and the LOK and the cosmonaut had to transfer between the two spacecraft externally. The intent of the program was to achieve the first manned lunar landing, but it was plagued with problems with its massive N1 launch vehicle. The program was abandoned after the successful Apollo landing.

(The model was built for Poser but loads and operates in DAZ Studio – see the ReadMe for particulars).

The LK figure has full ERC control at the Body level:

o Landing legs deploy realistically
o Legs are individually adjustable
o Antennas deploy
o Individually adjustable
o Hatch unlatches and opens
o Ladder to the lunar surface deploys realistically
o Ladder is adjustable
o Landing stage umbilical disconnects
o Ascent stage rocket nozzle covers open

o M4 cosmonaut poses
o Hide/Show:
o Cabin back for interior viewing
o Landing stage for post-takeoff scenes
o Ascent stage for lunar post-takeoff scenes
o Default MAT

o Full camera set tailored for easy viewing and rendering of the full LK spacecraft - Includes main, auxiliary, left, right, top, bottom, front and back cameras
o Many individual Dolly cameras to view the LK cabin interior or exterior details

o Simple Lunar light set
o Simple interior light

Image maps up to 4000x4000. All components are UV-mapped with texture templates included.

The figures and props use external geometry in the Poser geometries folder.

See the ReadMe file and view the product promos above for more information.

Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio