Sally`s Kitchen for DAZ Studio

Sally`s Kitchen for DAZ Studio

Looking for a designer kitchen? Well this ain't it. This is Sally's Kitchen!

Based upon an assortment of real world kitchens, this model is ideal for when you need a highly detailed and accurate everyday setting for your character's dramas and adventure.

It contains all the white goods you'd expect to find in the typical home, such as a Washing Machine, Cooker, Tumble Dryer, Microwave and Fridge. All with working doors and parts such as a rotating Tumble Dryer Drum, Microwave Plate and removable Fridge Salad Tray.

There's also a good assortment of kitchen equipment such as Deep Fat Fryer, Kettle and Tea Making stuff. All of which can be re-arranged to suit your scenes with pose dials, or hidden by zeroing the materials. All the Doors and Drawers on the Cupboards can be Opened or Closed, which allow you to see a wide variety of foods, and stuff like cleaning products within the Cupboards.

This attention to detail also extends to such things as show/hide poses for the walls, water in the outside drains and a Working Clock. Even the Bin Lid, Faucet (taps) and CatFlap work!
Includes a rear brick wall and concrete deck for exterior scenes of people walking into the kitchen.

Plus as a special unique bonus: an extra 25 kitchen-related items are included in this product. These include Washing Up Liquid Bottles, Cartons, Sprays, Cooking Items, and more.

Oh and don't forget the best parties are always in the kitchen! :)

Product Features:
* DAZ Studio prop: dsf, duf/ png, at 99,659 polygons.

88 Moving Parts :.

Includes the following pose controls:
* Rotate Clock Hands
As you turn the pose control dial, the hour hand moves 1/12 as fast as the minute hand so one complete revolution of the minute hand corresponds to one hour's movement of the hour hand.
* Open/ Close Washer Door
* Open/ Close Fridge Door
* Open/ Close Freezer Door
* Open/ Close Dryer Door
* Open/ Close Rear Door
* Open/ Close Cat Flap
* Open/ Close Left Door
* Open/ Close Oven Door
* Open/ Close Microwave Door
* Open/ Close Drawers1 and 2
* Open/ Close Drawer3
* Open/ Close Drawer4
* Open/ Close Drawers5 and 6
* Open/ Close Drawer7
* Open/ Close Drawer8
* Open/ Close Drawers9 and 10
* Open/ Close Drawers11 and 12
* Rotate Faucet

.: Hide/ Show Poses: :.
* Clock (and clock hands)
* Left wall (and left door)
* Right wall
* Rear wall (and rear door)
* Refrigerator (and freezer door, fridge door, and fridge box)
* Dryer (and dryer door and dryer drum)

* One set of textures is included
* Includes 3Delight and Iray material presets.

All includes the following props with 3DL and Iray materials:
* Aerosol
* Ash Tray
* Baking Pan
* Bowl Of Fruit
* Casserole Dish - Old
* Casserole Dish
* Ceramic Jar
* Choc Box
* Coffee Maker
* Cooking Bowl
* Dinner Plate
* Drain Cleaner
* Drainer
* FabricCond Bot
* First Aid Kit
* Food Tub
* Laundry Bottle
* Milk Carton
* Mixer
* Plastic Basket
* Plastic Bowl
* Sandwich Toaster
* Spray Cleaner
* Toaster
* Washup Bottle

This product is designed for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 and above with Iray.

Modelling and texturing by mrsparky, additional parts by Digimation; DAZ Studio conversion and sales images by Todd Kogutt.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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