Say it Out Loud Christmas Bundle

Say it Out Loud Christmas Bundle

Say it Out Loud Christmas Bundle Contains Say it Out Loud Christmas Props and Both the Materials and Shapes AddOns

-01 Exclamation (!) Prop (DUF)
-01 Hello Winter Prop (DUF)
-01 Happy New Year Prop (DUF)
-01 Merry Christmas Prop (DUF)
-01 Santa Baby Prop (DUF)
-01 This is for Santa Prop (DUF)
-01 Jingle Bells Prop (DUF)
-01 Winter Wonderland Prop (DUF)
-01 HO HO HO! Prop (DUF)
-01 Holly Jolly Prop (DUF)
-01 Let it Snow Prop (DUF)

Materials (IRAY ONLY)
-07 Frosted Glass Options
-04 Metal Options
-02 Glitter Options
-20 Premade Material Options (2 Per Phrase)

Materials Addon:
-07 Glass Overlay Options
-02 Glitter Color Options
-13 Metal Options
-07 Candy Cane Pattern Options
-30 PreMade Materials for the Say it Out Loud Phrase Props (3 per Phrase)

Shapes AddOn:
-01 Antlers Prop (DUF)
-01 Bow Prop (DUF)
-01 Candy Cane Prop (DUF)
-01 Holly Prop (DUF)
-01 Ornament 01 Prop (DUF)
-01 Ornament 02 Prop (DUF)
-01 Reindeer 01 Prop (DUF)
-01 Reindeer 02 Prop (DUF)
-01 SnowFlake 01 Prop (DUF)
-01 SnowFlake 02 Prop (DUF)
-01 Star Prop (DUF)
-01 Swirl 01 Prop (DUF)
-01 Swirl 02 Prop (DUF)
-01 Swirl 03 Prop (DUF)
-01 Tree 01 Prop (DUF)
-01 Tree 02 Prop (DUF)
-01 Tree 03 Prop (DUF)
(All Mats can be Applied to ANY Say it Out Loud Prop)

All Phrase Props come with Fun Movement Morphs Including
Bends Twists and Tapers
*All Movement Morphs can be Found under the Parameters Tab Under General*

Use the Translates and Scales to Adjust to your Liking!

!!All Shaders Included in this Set are to be Used ONLY for say it Out Loud Props!!!

Daz Studio 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio