Seashells For Vue

Seashells For Vue

What is a beach scene without some sea shells?

Vue provides some shells with the software, but here are fourteen (14) additional pieces of the kinds most likely to be found on almost any beach in the world.

Three of these are small pieces of coral.

The others are not exotic types of shell, but rather those which would be unremarkable and typically encountered on a beach. To be specific, these are:

A green sea urchin shell,
A medium-sized white Tun,
The green piece of Medusa,
Two weathered common clam shells,
The slightly weathered orange and white striped large Lyria,
The long white "sissor clam" Solerosaceus,
The small twisted Turritella Cooperi,
The three different mottled "Cone Shells", and
Three Common Limpets.

The coral and Medusa pieces can be given any appropriate materials you wish.

The package also contains eight small bits of driftwood for placement around the shells.

The package contains four "beach bubbles" objects that are small sets of water bubbles that one would find around small objects on a beach.

These "beach bubble" objects are intended for use in Vue's Eco-Painter, where they could be used to "paint" small bubbles at the water's edge in the sand. But, they can be used as simple objects, re-scaled as desired and placed anywhere in any scene.

Software: Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio