Sunken Seat Light Park for Poser

Sunken Seat Light Park for Poser

Sunken Seat Lights Park is a props and materials set for Poser 11.

1 Sunken seat and plane (wall and floor)
2 Large cushions
5 Different loose standing lights x 2 variations each. (The "lights" are just oval geometry shapes)
• Single Lights: 1 Small light, 1 Large light
• Short Light: 1 Lights all the same size, 1 Lights 2 sizes
• Tall Lights: 1 Lights all the same size, 1 Lights 2 sizes
• Spiked Light: 1 Small lights, 1 Large lights
• Curved Lights: 1 Lights all the same size, 1 Lights 2 sizes

80 Materials:
These materials can be applied to anything. The Superfly and Firefly materials are setup together so that you can switch render engines without changing anything.

20 Single colours each of:
• Soft materials
• Metallic materials
• Emission materials

20 Patterned Emission materials (best suited to small objects):

The Superfly and Firefly patterned materials are different.

The multi-coloured effects in Superfly uses a Cycles feature that renders black in Firefly. I've created Firefly materials that are more or less the same base colour as the Superfly material so that you can switch render engines without having to change the materials.
BUT Firefly won't have the multi-coloured look. The Superfly textures only have this multi-coloured effect when applied to small objects like the lights. If you apply them to large objects like the wall you'll just see the repeating pattern of the actual texture.

PLEASE NOTE: What you see on screen with these materials is not what will render - when you apply patterns etc. to materials then the screen preview does not reflect what the render will look like.

5 ready-made scenes, each one a different colour - just add your character(s).

The lights used in the scenes are saved as light presets so that you can use them when creating your own scenes.

Tips and Information

The light props have 3 material zones, 1 for the pole, 2 for the lights (every 2nd light has the same material). 1 prop can only have 2 colours for the lights, however, the patterned materials make them seem multi-coloured in Superfly.

To change the colour of the props - change the individual components to mix and match the colours as you want them. Play around with the soft vs metallic materials to give interesting effects. Use soft for the pillows or anywhere that you don't want a reflection, for example to make the wall and floor 'disappear' use the black soft material on them.

If you want more of a glow-in-the-dark look, increase the ambient value in Firefly (Poser Surface) or the Emission Strength in Superfly (Physical Surface) on the materials. However, this might change the colour of the object as it will change the mix of colours.

The bottom of the sunken seat is the floor (y = 0). To place the props on the ground above the sunken seat set their Y to 100.

If you apply a single colour emission material to a light prop make sure you have enough lights in the scene, else they render flat. Reduce the lights' intensity to get a darker scene instead of removing them.

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