Tileable Dirty Ground and Props For Iray

Tileable Dirty Ground and Props For Iray

Here is a versatile prop pack containing 18 props that can be used in multiple styles of renders. The ground prop makes this set even more useful because it can be tiled allowing you to use the set in landscape or portrait style renders. The 8000 x 8000 ground image, featuring dirt and dry grasses, allows you to do close-up or distant renders. I even included multiple small props that can be scattered throughout your scene. These also help to 'hide' the tiled look should you tile the ground multiple times.

What's included:

1 Ground prop that is tileable
3 Tree stumps that I accidentally labeled trunks
2 rocks
2 rocks groupings that are smart props for the ground. (Most have ground selected in viewport when loading the smart props)
3 Grasses. These come with two color options - Dry or Green
2 Plants with 3 different grouping variations each for a total of 6 props
1 Stick prop

This prop pack is for Daz Studio with Iray.

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio