Tileable Ground Props For Iray 1 - Sand, Dirt, Gravel

Tileable Ground Props For Iray 1 - Sand, Dirt, Gravel

Here is a very versatile prop set for Daz Studio Iray. In this set is 3 ground props that can be tiled to create even larger ground. Each prop is 'softly' sculpted to match the texture to add to the realism. This set has a ground prop with gravel, one with sand that has shoe prints, and a dirt one with young plants popping up. These can be used in so many different styles of renders.

All props load in the zero position but because of the strength of the maps (adds to the realism) you may want to raise the ground props by 1 on the y axis in the parameters tab.

The texture maps themselves measure 8000x8000 pixels. These were made from actual photos and stitched together in Photoshop.

What's included
1 gravel ground
1 sand ground
1 dirt ground

Please note results will vary depending on lighting, render settings, system settings, other items in the scene, is materials were adjusted in the surface tab and etc.

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