VGF-14 Wildcat HCA-00 Reactive Armour - for Poser

VGF-14 Wildcat HCA-00 Reactive Armour - for Poser

Numerous attempts have been made to upgrade the aging VGF-14 to provide higher weapons capacity and increase mission survivability and adaptability. The first such attempt was the Genero Systems Orbital Booster System, followed by the LEO Packs Armouring System. These attempts would also lead to the failed VGF-X program and the subsequent development of the Advanced Variable Geometry Fighter Program.

A further attempt was developed in the form of Reactive Armour, a system of armour pods and plates that could be mounted on the Wildcat, and jettisoned when the armour became depleted or was no longer necessary. Containing over 30 Dracovaine Mini-Missiles in twin shoulder pods (the same missiles used in the ETO Booster System and LEO Pods), the HCA-00 Reactive Armour would allow much improved survivability, at the cost of limiting the Wildcat to its Mecha Mode while equipped.

The armour can be jettisoned if it sustains severe combat damage or when its fuel and ammunition are expended, allowing the VGF-14 to resume its full transformation capacity. The armour also includes enhanced protection for vital areas of the Mech, covering the Body, Leg Engine Pods, Arms and Cockpit providing better all-round protection for the Pilot and vulnerable components.

A production prototype, the HCA-00 Armour System is mostly reserved for use on the ground when heavy combat is to be expected (although it has seen some use in space as well). Deployed only in limited numbers, the HCA-00 System was considered successful and has become the basis for advanced versions developed for the Advanced Variable Fighter program under UN JSOC supervision.

* Over 100 Points of Articulation on the main figure!
* Moving parts include: Cockpit Pod Cover, Missile Hatches and Missiles, separate Armour Sections, Booster Pods and more!
* Separate Conforming Figure Weapons and Ordinance, with fully controllable ordinance deployment. (Some sold as separate packs). Armour parts include Torso, Arms, and Legs.
* Numerous Independent ERC controls on the main figure for complete control of most vital functions from 1 location. Dials include Missile Hatches (Open both or each separately), Missile Firing, Canopy Pod (open/close), Thigh Booster Pods (swivel, steer and tilt), and to Jettison the Armour on the ground or in space!
* ERC Dials to jettison the armour on the ground (drops the armour from the Mech to the Ground Plane in your scene) or in space (causes the armour to separate and tumble away from the Mech as though weightless).
* ERC weapons controls to launch the missiles as a single volley, or as separate volleys from each pod.
* Pose Preset to prep the VGF-14 to have the HCA-00 Armour fitted (this pose can be found in your "Poses" library in the folder labelled "Mecha Mode Poses").

Software: Poser 7+

Required Products: VGF-14 D Wildcat (for Poser)

Props for Poser and Daz Studio