Voskhod 2 Spacecraft

Voskhod 2 Spacecraft

The Soviet 2nd generation Voskhod program used a reconfigured Vostok spacecraft. Where Vostok held a large ejection seat for a single cosmonaut, Voskhod had smaller non-ejectable couches for two or three cosmonauts. After re-entry the Vostok cosmonaut ejected from the descent module and descended on his own parachute. The Voskhod descended on two parachutes with the crew inside. The Voskhod added a larger instrument package containing a back-up retrorocket to the nose of the spacecraft. Otherwise the two spacecraft were essentially the same.

As the Vostok prgram put the first man, and later, the first woman, into orbit, the Voskhod program was conceived to achieve other firsts – the first multi-man crew in its first mission and the first Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) in its second. More flights with additional firsts were planned but cancelled after the successes of the American Gemini program.

This fully-rigged Poser figure, with interior, depicts the Voskhod 2 spacecraft with its inflatable airlock. The model can also be configured as the Voskhod 1 spacecraft with seats for three cosmonauts.

The Voskhod Spacecraft figure has ERC control at the Body level:
o Extend Airlock
o Open/close EVA hatch
o Open/close airlock exit hatch
o Animatable jettison controls
- Jettison airlock
- Jettison equipment and instrument modules
- Jettison parachute cover

Extra: The Voskhod model includes a set of poses for use with Cybertenko's Round Parachute, separately available in the Renderosity Marketplace.

MAT Poses
- Full standard texture set
- Post-reentry descent module texture
Configuration Poses
- Voskhod 1
- Voskhod 2
Hide/Unhide Poses
- Hide airlock
- Hide main hatch cover
- Hide equipment modules
- Hide parachute cover
Cosmonaut Crew Poses
- M4 and V4 poses
- Bonus poses for space-suited M4

Full camera set for easy viewing and rendering
- Includes Main, Auxiliary, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, and Back cameras
Dolly camera interior and EVA positions

An on-orbit light set and interior lights for the cabin and airlock are included.

Designed for Poser 6 and above and tested in DAZ Studio 4.9 (see ReadMe for DAZ Studio compatibility particulars)

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+, Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Poser 11

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