Wasteland Treasure

Wasteland Treasure

Even in a post-apocalyptic world, certain commodities are important for human life. some are even considered real treasure here, a symbol of power and domination. We bring you a collection of such essential commodities, not only in our world, but also in the new one that is recovering from the devastating disaster. It is fuel, water, ammo, weapons and... beer. Our present product includes containers and canisters for these commodities. The model finds wide use not only on post-apocalyptic projects, but also on a whole range of other scenarios, both historical and contemporary. Simply, no one can ever do without these things.

What is included:
Poser props:
- 3 Drums stack (pbr and specular)
- Jerrycan (pbr and specular)
- Modern Oil Barrel (pbr and specular)
- Old Oil Barrel (pbr and specular)
- Plastic Canister (specular)

- IBC Container (pbr and specular)
- Industrial Barrel (specular)
- Water Dispenser Bottle (big, medium and small - specular)

- Ammo Crate (specular)
- AT Ammo Crate with ammo (pbr and specular)
- AT Ammo (pbr and specular)
- 7.62mm ammo case
- DShKm Case (pbr and specular)
- Cal 50 Case
- Cal 50 Case 2
- Tombstone Drum
- Ammo Belt for case 2
- Ammo Blet for Crate Lid

- Rifle Crate
- Pistol Case

- Beer
- Modern beer keg and faucet
- Old beer Keg

Up to 4kx4k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 120 MB.
suitable for animations. Real Life Inspiration/Original Design.

Software: Poser 8+, Daz Studio 4+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio