Z Coyote Wild Bar

Z Coyote Wild Bar

Z Coyote Wild Bar!

This is an extremely high quality scene with a focus on the details, so your renders can look fantastic close up as well as far away. It has been packaged in a way to make it very easy to use, so when you get ready to make your first render, it just works every time. This poses included were made to look incredibly natural, sexy and lifelike.

Each piece of Furniture is highly detailed and can work great in other scenes too, so you can add more elegance to your renders.

Please note, there is also a seperate pose pack which has been created to work with this scene, which can be found here:

Included in this pack (21 props):

- Fast Preload All
- Separate, Removable walls
**Including Stunning Western Wall decorations, Wooden pillars, Windows and Front Door, Dance Floor, TV screens with 4 material options
- Coyote Bar Top
**Including Morphing Beer Taps + 2 Material Options
- Bar Cupboards
**Including Bottles
- Barrel Table
- Bar Stool
- Cowboy Chair
- Cow Chair
- Small Table
- Tall Glass
- Coyote Wild Neon Sign
- Best Bar Neon Sign
- Love Whisky Neon Sign
- Bar Fridge
- Potato Chips Bags + Stand
- Chalk Board

NEON light set for neon signs, to give them an extra glow. Add these to your lights and bring the scene to life.

Smart Props for V4

- Beer Glass
- Liqueur Bottles
- Beer Bottle
- Shot Glass
- Cowboy Hat (ALSO smart propped for M4)

Software: Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4.5, Daz Studio 3, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014, Daz Studio 4.6

Props for Poser and Daz Studio