Exnem Pizza

Exnem Pizza

This product brings you a collection of assorted pizza props of great quality and detail for all your poser needs and 3D renders.

A complete pizza already sliced and ready to serve just like the real thing. Place the pizza on your scene and take slices out as necessary. A wide variety of topping and flavors are included, which can be applied to any pizza prop, including a half eaten pizza slice.

This collection includes the following items:

Full Pizza sliced in 6 pieces
Sliced Pizza in Half open Box
Sliced Pizza in Opened Box
Sliced Pizza on Wooden Tray
Sliced Pizza on PLastic Tray
Pizza Slice (2 variations with different mapping)
Pizza Slice Bent
Pizza Slice Bitten
Platic Tray
Wooden Tray
11 MAT poses to change toppings and flavor


System Requirements:

Poser 5
Any other 3D application that supports OBJ files


Ownership Statement:

All of this product's content was created by Exnem


Installation Instructions:

Extract the zip-archive with your unzip program:
- Open your unzip program and press the button -Extract To-
- Select the disk and folder that contain your Poser program.
(ex. c:\program files\Poser5\ ).
- Make sure that an option to extract full paths is selected to make sure you keep the right folder structures within your poser folder.


Usage Tips or Limitations:

Go to "Props/Exnem/Pizza" folder and select your desired prop.

Click on the Checkmark to add it to the world. As these are props they will render black or with strange artifacts if you don't have a figure loaded also. If this is the case for you simply load any figure (even a flat plane for the floor will work).

Once loaded you can use the default dials in the parameters rollout window to change size, rotation and position of your prop.

The Full Sliced pizza is composed of 6 different objects parented to the "pizzaFullSlice1" object. This is the object that needs to be selected if you want to move all the pieces as a single object. All other pizza slices (2 to 5) can be selected and moved or deleted individually.

The Boxes and Trays with the sliced pizza work in the same way, except the "pizzaFullSlice1" is parented to the box/tray, so you can select the box/tray to move the whole pizza, or select "pizzaFullSlice1" to move the pizza without moving the box/tray.

If you want to use it as a prop for your character make sure to parent the main object (box/tray/pizzaFullSlice1) to a bone on your character (hand for example).

Product requirements

Poser 5 and up or 3d software that opens OBJ
Props Scenes and Architecture for Daz Studio and Poser