Christmas Props: Set1

Christmas Props: Set1

Its that time of year again! get things started with this great modular christmas tree set.

You get a set of twenty-one props and one poseble lightstrand.

The trees are made from three props: a victorian style stand, the trunk and branches, so each branch set can be rotated, moved up or down and the colour changed wihout changing the whole tree. The pine needles are done with displacement, so make sure to render with displacement on. This makes the whole thing much less intense in polygon count, so it will render faster and easier with more stuff loaded. The treeskirt pops right over the stand and has colour options for main material and trim.

We've included preassembled Prop trees in a rainbow of nine colours including natural green. Also included three preloaded, preassembled trees with ornaments,lights and everything in three colorsets. Just in case you are in a rush ... so pick natural, white or goth and have it pop right in ready to go.

The poseable lightsrand is an ezposed figure. This means you can twist it, turn it and bend it with the simple main control dials, so now you can wrap up whatever you want in lights. Plus the strand actually has three different lightbulb and plug shapes so you can have normal lights, LED lights or oldfashioned style lights. Seven MATposes are included to change style and colour

There are nine ornaments, many with low resolution options. The preassmbled trees use the lowres items, to make them faster to render. But if you need closeups, you can use the high res models. Includes: Bell, Candycane, globe, icicle, pickle, snowflake, snowman, star, teardrop

Each ornament has metal colour options for black, silver and gold, and up to eight colour options. Some props like the candycane, bells or icicle have fewer colours.

All material options are provided in both Pz2 and Mc6 versions. REMEMBER
use the Material version for any prop not parented to a figure. Unparented props cannot accept Pose file settings.

Tree MUST be rendered with displacement ON or it will have no needles

Have fun and keep an eye out for Parts 2 and 3 which will include wreaths, garlands, mistletoe, a rockinghorse, presents and more

Product requirements

Props Scenes and Architecture for Poser