Nightclub and Restaurant

Nightclub and Restaurant

Treat your favorite characters to a night out. This versatile building can be used to create a cool nightclub and a trendy restaurant.
The building and the bar are the same for both scenes, a set of props and lights converts it to the scene you want.

The building is 18 x 11 x 6 meters (LWH) scaled to fit M4 and V4.
All doors can be opened and most walls can be hidden.

The bar is a seperate item in the character library with some movable parts:
The beer draught handles can be operated, the cash drawer can be opened and there are 18 bottles from behind the bar that can be taken out and moved everywhere.

For the nightclub scene there is in the character library:
-A stage lights stand with 7 fully rotatable discolights. the corresponding light
presets (spotlights) can be found in the light library. These light presets are
parented to the discolights of the model, so if you change the direction of the
discolights, so do the spotlights. So play around with it!.

In the Props library:
-70's disco ball.
-DJ Booth with digital turntables and mixing panel.
-Stage speakers.
-Bar hight tables and bar chairs.

In the materials library:
-Mist/smoke atmosphere, 3 density settings, and off.
To add the atmosphere: Go to the materials tab and select "atmosphere" in
the "object" dropdown menu. Then select the preferred atmosphere density in
the materials library.
-The nightclub's logo for on the facade of the building.

And in the Light library:
-Blacklight. This add's a global blacklight like, purple light.
-7 spotlight presets. Parented to the stage lights stand. First load the
light stand model, then the spotlights.

For the restaurant there is in the character library:
-Dining tables and chairs. By default it loads a 16 person configuration to save RAM
memory, but you can duplicate them as much as you like.

In the props library:
-Dining table hanging lamps. The corresponding light preset is in the light library.
-Plates and cutlery. When loaded they are positioned on the dinner tables.

In the materials library:
-The restaurant's logo for on the facade of the building.

And in the Light library:
-dining table lights. These correspond with the hanging lamp props.

And there are some other items in the props library:
-7 differend types of glasses: longdrink, whisky, beer, Red wine, white wine,
large and small cocktail. (different drinks to choose from in the materials library)
-Bar chair.
-Small table.
-Large table.
-Bar hight table.
-Pepper and salt set.
-Ceiling lamp long.
-Ceiling lamp short.
-Stage speaker.

In the materials library:
-Materials for the glasses. There are 9 different drinks for in the glasses:
Cola, whisky, clear drink, blue drink, green drink, beer, white wine, red wine and
a pink cocktail, offcourse all colors can be changed. There are material presets for
the ammount of drink in the glass, full, half, near empty, empty and drink, this
makes it look like the glass in a angle to drink out of it. (see promo images)

And in the light library:
-Bar lights.
-Couch corners lights. (the sitting corners on the first floor)
-Global lights. (basic lights to add to the barlights, table lights etc. to fill the dark shadows
and the rest of the scene).

Bye for now, and happy rendering.

Sander, 2nd World.

All of the promotional images are rendered with Poser Pro 2010, no post editing.

Product requirements

Poser 8 +, poser 6+ compatible
Props Scenes and Architecture for Poser