Rock band instruments and stage

Rock band instruments and stage

Description and tips:

This is a complete scene for some great renders. It contains some high quality instruments, props
and a stage. And there are some stage light presets and basic poses for V4 and M4 that turns any
character into a musician ;)

The following items are included.

In the "characters" library:
Drumkit (seat is adjustable and the cymblals move)
Keyboard (hight adjustable and 48 keys can be "pushed")
Microphone stand (hight adjustable and the microphone can be hidden)
Stage (all the side panels can be hidden and all the stage lamps
can be rotated to point the spotlights. So changing the direction
of the included light presets is very easy.
In the "pose" library:
4 poses for the stage lights/spots. Match the right pose with the desired light preset.
There is a pose for the 6, 10 and 22 lights preset. You can adjust the direction
if you like with some easy to use dials on the stage model.

And there are a few basic poses for M4 and V4 included which places them in the correct position
on the stage and let's them use the instruments:
-guitarist and bass (playing the guitar or bass, use the smartprops for this)
-drummer (on the seat of the drumkit holding 2 drumsticks, use the smartprops for this)
-keyboard (in front of the keyboard)
-singer (in front of the microphone)

In the "props" library:

Mixer (channel mixer as seen in the promotional images)
Mounted speakers (speakers hanging on the stage
Stage monitor
Stage speaker 1 (large stage speaker)
Stage speaker 2 (large stage speaker)

Bass guitar smartprop (smartprop for V4 and M4)
Drumstick smartprop (smartprop drumsticks for V4 and M4)

Electric guitar smartprop (smartprop for V4 and M4)
And there is a preset to load all props into position (non smart props)

In the "light" library:
9 light presets for the stage lights/spots
You can load a preset for 6, 10 or all 22 spots, in 3 different colors.
To use the lights: First load the main stage model, and then the desired light preset.
In the "poses" library is a preset for the stage lights. Load the matching pose
for 6, 10 or 22 lights to point them in the right direction. You can adjust the direction
if you like with some easy to use dials on the stage model.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the model and come up with some beautiful renders.

Bye for now,
Sander, 2nd World.

All of the promotional images are rendered with Poser Pro 2012, no post editing.
The human characters and their clothes, used in the promotional images are not included.

Product requirements

Poser 7+
Base Figures:
Victoria 4, Genesis, Victoria 3, Michael 3, Michael 4, The Kids 4, Aiko 3, Kids 3, Dawn, Victoria 5, Victoria 6,Genesis 2 Female
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