SV's Crystal Rock

SV's Crystal Rock

"Fantasy Crystal Rock" - a set of fantasy props for your scenes & artwork!

Whats Included:

The Props:

- 01 Pre-load Rock/Ground/Large Crystal Cluster Prop
- 01 Rock/Ground Prop
- 01 Large Crystal Cluster parented to the rock
- 02 Small Crystal Clusters (not parented) - load as many as you like!

All props load from the props library, you may choose to load just the rock, just the crystals, or use the pre-loaded quick prop to load the scene all at once! Easily add, scale, rotate, duplicate extra crystals and place them wherever you want, as many as you want!

The Materials:

This set comes with 16 crystal colors, 04 ground textures, and 04 rock textures which are simple to use and you may even change colors inside the Poser material room with just a few clicks!

- 08 Dark Crystal Colors
- 08 Light Crystal Colors
- 04 Rock Colors/Textures
- 04 Ground Textures - one for each season!
- 01 Hide Ground Utility Material
- 01 Hide Rock Utility Material

By default the grounds load with a transmapped ground texture, you may choose to use the soft transmap for a ground that fades/masks around the edges, or you may turn the entire ground on using the materials in the material room, each ground material comes with its own TransOFF option!

Easy and fun to use, the perfect companion set for fairies, elves, toons, dragons, or just about anything! Crystals are low poly and render quick, beautiful results fast! Materials are easy to use and render beautiful, the perfect sitting place surrounded by sparkling crystals! Crystals were modeled and textured to give off a natural sparkle without any extra need for postwork unless you want to!

Crystal Materials are universal, they will work on just about anything such as the Scrying Necklace seen in the promos by Arki (RDNA), you can try them on gemstones and more, results may vary! (not a merchant resource)

No postwork on promotional images except where stated
Lights used are by Fabiana "Warm & Soul" with slight adjustments to fit the autumn scene, what you see is what you get!

The Credits:

Lights by Fabiana Warm & Soul
Angelic & Angelica Backgrounds by Sveva
Autumn Thicket & Forest Backgrounds by Sveva
DM's Fairy Charm & Fairy Lights Poses
LunchLady's Pose Me Pixie Poses
Seasons by Thorne & Mada
Fairyling by AlphaSeed
The Sea by Fabiana
Crysalis by Fabiana
Cloud Hair by SWAM
Nyrae by Maddelirium
Scrying Necklace by Arki
Mistress Charm by AS(alphaseed)
Fairylicious by Sarsa & Thorne & Mada
Izzy by Seven & Sabby
Noctia Necklace by Fabiana
Shades of Earth by Sveva
Satin Materials by Sveva
Winter Angel Hair by Valea
Fabianas extras Wings
Tourmaline Tiara by Fabiana

(due to the amount of credits they have been listed here, thank you all)

Product requirements

Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 5, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014
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