Quinn's Batsuit for Genesis 8 Females

Quinn's Batsuit for Genesis 8 Females

Embark on a nocturnal journey with the Bat Harley Costume for Genesis 8 Females, meticulously designed for the Genesis 8 Female figure. Inspired by the animated adventures of Harley Quinn, this outfit merges the essence of vigilante flair with unparalleled craftsmanship, setting your characters apart in the 3D realm.

Features and Benefits:
Exclusively Tailored: Crafted with precision for the Genesis 8 Female form, this outfit provides a flawless fit, capturing the spirit of the night's guardian.
Rigging Excellence: Equipped with meticulously designed rigs for both the forearm fins and the cape, the outfit offers enhanced poseability and dynamic expression.
Vivid Textures: Adorn your characters in striking textures, each enhanced by the highest quality Iray shaders, to bring your scenes to life with a touch of realism.
Seamless Integration: Effortlessly compatible with DAZ Studio 4.22 and a range of bridges including Maya, Unity, Unreal, 3ds Max, Blender, and C4D, the outfit promises a smooth workflow across your favorite platforms.

Bat_Harley_Costume.duf: This comprehensive file includes the entire outfit, designed for easy application to your Genesis 8 Female characters. The outfit allows for individual loading of parts (cape, shirt, pants, shoes, belt), offering versatility and customization for every scene.
A specialized cape rig, meticulously parented to the G8F (Neck Lower) bone, ensuring realistic movement and a dramatic flair in every scene.
Forearm Fins, thoughtfully rigged to capture the essence of every action.

Leveraging DAZ Studio's auto-follow feature, this outfit elegantly conforms to various character shapes, eliminating the need for additional fitting morphs.

Important Considerations:
To achieve the perfect look, especially in extreme poses, minor manual adjustments may be required. It is recommended to fine-tune your character's pose before finalizing the render.
The outfit is designed for optimal performance with Iray, ensuring that your renders take full advantage of this powerful rendering engine.
Please note, this package does not include characters, character morphs, or hair items.
File Path: Navigate to People\Genesis 8 Female\Costumes\DAZZworks\BAT_Harley in your DAZ Studio library for easy access.

Quinn's Batsuit for Genesis 8 Females invites you to unleash the spirit of the night. Whether for action-packed adventures or shadow-filled storytelling, this outfit guarantees to inspire and captivate in any setting.

Compatible figures: 
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